8 February 2007

Waddya know, we have snow!

crocus in snow
Dang those weather forecasters, they were right.

Hey BuJ, we have snow too!

It's melting now, but apparently more is on the way. The squirrels are standing at our back door, peering in and begging for nuts!

I risked life, limb and frostbite to venture 10m out of the house to get these images!

Lilac tree under snowYellow Crocus in snowEvergreen flowers in snowPear tree under snow


BuJ said...

ok fine. your pictures are better.. and yes you do have snow too.. but it came here first hehe..

also remember ur pictures are in a more natural environment while i'm in a total urban-town.

can't wait for tomorrow morning's (6am) drive to site hehehe

btw, it was my friend's birthday today so i wrote my birthday wishes on the snow and sent its pic :)

nzm said...

BuJ: your images are very cool (pun intended!) too! I love where the seagull once rested!

That's an awesome way to make a birthday card!

A world of Symphony said...

Both of you'll; don't forget I put in a good word to the Weather Man for you guys :)

More pics please - Thanks :)

CG said...



Dubai Sunshine said...

Love those pics...How do these flowers still grow like that in the snow? Very cool (pun intended too!)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Well you sure make the whole "we have snow too" experience seem beautiful! lol

To all of you who are requesting snow...please, I would be happy to switch countries now. My home is fully equipped with skiis and the works, knock yourselves out!

BuJ said...

thank you .. thank you.. \


so is the pentax better eh?

Pandabonium said...

Beautiful - the contrast of the flowers and snow is wonderful.

nzm said...

Louis: will try for more images, but the weather isn't being very co-operative.

The snow's melted and while it's -3degC, there's no more on the way. It keeps spitting snow, but it melts as it touches the ground. I'm very frustrated 'cos I wanted to do some more inages in the park about 5 mins from the house.

CG: you're mad! But I understand the need for a change from sun and sand from time to time. Snow is still a novelty for me - especially falling snow. We just didn't get a lot of it in Fiji and NZ!

DS: up until the snowfall, it's been quite mild, so all the spring flowers were popping up. They're now looking a bit snow-shocked at the sudden cold weather!

SS: now there's a thought - we could have a bloggers' conclave in Sweden for all the bloggers who want to have snow and cold for a while!

BuJ: Years ago, I did also have a Pentax point and shoot that was a very good camera, but it was stolen off me by my father!

Pandabonium: thank you! Yes, the purple against the white looks really good!

Jin said...

With such stunning photography, you actually make the snow look so appealing!
I remember the Crocus' & Snowdrops from when I was a kid (hundreds of years ago mind you!) & then, once Spring was definitely on its way, there'd be Bluebells & Daffodils......awwwwwwww.

BuJ said...

NZM: I rest my case wrt the Pentax!!!

Had to drive in crazy conditions on Friday and just got back.. there was snow settling on my car even as I was doing 80 km/h (couldn't do faster coz of visibility).

Anyway on the way back nothing.. not even any signs of snow! all melted.. and the temp shot up.. it was about 10C.. crazy eh?

no snow forcast for here either.

nzm said...

Jin: thanks Jin!

BuJ: We've had more snow overnight - only a little bit, but this time, because the ground was frozen, it's staying around.

Currently downloading the pics for a new blog post!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Amaaaaazing! I have never (in the flesh) seen flowers in snow. Really beautiful pictures and I guess symbolic in many ways.

kaya said...

Amazing pics.
HUMONGOUS improvement on my attempt on the redecorated room anyday!
Its not my fault. I am a MOM.
Its multitasking u see.

nzm said...

Wendy: yup, survival in an obverse state!

Kaya: oooo, redecorating? I love doing that!