8 February 2007

My dog has fleas

Pandabonium has posted about a remarkable Hawaiian ukulele player Jake Shimabukoro.

Head over to Pacific Islander blog to hear Jake play George Harrison's While my Guitar gently weeps on a ukulele - both song and instrument played like I've never heard before!

Absolutely brilliant!


Pandabonium said...

Thanks NZM, glad you enjoyed it.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Fleas? Not this dog, sister!

nzm said...

Pandabonium: I did! It's a far cry from the standard Fijian uke strum - just awesome!

Momo: I'm sure that you don't! But anyone who knows a little about tuning ukeleles will know where the title of this post comes from!

clayfuture said...

The title of the post is "My Dog Has Fleas".. is that the name of the tune or does your dog really have fleas? If your dog does have fleas then why are you talking about a ukele tune? :|

nzm said...

Clayfuture: I'm glad that you asked!

There are many different ways to tune a ukulele, depending on the type and the sound that you wish it to make.

A typical ukulele has 4 strings which are tuned in this way:
Top String: G (My)
2nd String: C (Dog)
3rd String: E (Has)
Bottom String: A (Fleas)

A simple way to remember the G-C-E-A notes was to sing the words My Dog has Fleas, with each word corresponding to a note, as I've indicated above.

If you click here, and move your cursor over the musical notes in order of G-C-E-A, you'll hear the notes and you can sing My Dog has Fleas to them!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Oh, glad you explained that.

Mise said...

lol...you guys have been busy since I last visited ... I've been running around too much to blog or read ...the crocuses are lovely ...we've got some too, but again ....no time ....Fabulous house. :D

kaya said...

So what?
Does or does not your dog have fleas?

nzm said...

Momo: yeah, relief all around, I bet! lol.

Mise: well that's what happens when you get back into fulltime teaching employment, something's gotta give!

Kaya: my dawg ain't got no fleas 'cos I ain't got no dawg, dawg! :-)

BuJ said...

where's that post you mentioned days ago?!

sleeping on the pillow again aren't we?

clayfuture said...

Ahhh.. so the whole point of this post is that: YOUR DOG (which doesn't exist) PLAYS THE UKELELE!!!!

Is that clear to everyone?! :D

nzm said...

Clayfuture: BINGO!!! But you forgot about the part where my imaginary friend sings along.....


nzm said...

BuJ: You mean the more snow one? It's coming!

kaya said...

So the dog (you dont have) plays an
ukelele (hich he doesnt have).
What if he was to get ticks?
This is confusing. Pass the rizla and herbs... friend.

nzm said...

kaya: still got some cookies left? :-)