7 February 2007


Blogs are wonderful things when they spread good news.

Two great posts that I read today have a common theme: peace and understanding between jews and muslims as neighbours and schoolmates.

Via The Sudanese Thinker blog, I learned about King David Primary School, (a state school in Birmingham, UK), which is a Jewish institution where half the pupils are Muslim.
It's infant prize day at King David School, a state primary in Moseley, Birmingham. The children sit cross-legged on the floor, their parents fiddling with their video cameras. The head, Steve Langford, is wearing a Sesame Street tie.

A typical end-of-term school event, then. But at King David there's a twist that gives it a claim to be one of the most extraordinary schools in the country: King David is a strictly Jewish school. Judaism is the only religion taught. There's a synagogue on site. The children learn modern Hebrew - Ivrit - the language of Israel. And they celebrate Israeli independence day.

But half the 247 pupils at the 40-year-old local authority-supported school are Muslim, and apparently the Muslim parents go through all sorts of hoops, including moving into the school's catchment area, to get their children into King David to learn Hebrew, wave Israeli flags on independence day and hang out with the people some would have us believe that they hate more than anyone in the world.
Here's the whole article in The Independent Online.

Via Lirun's East Med Sea Peace blog, I learned of a dedicated band of people who belong to the OneVoice Movement - an organisation to empower Israeli and Palestinian citizens against violent extremism.

Please watch the whole video - it's goosebump material.

So heartwarming to read about positive steps. It's a long way to go, and through people who believe in taking steps like these, the destination has to be closer.


BuJ said...

a beautiful post and it's amazing to hear about that school in b'ham! so close yet i never heard of it! amazing..

the video is a gem.. even though it's tarnished by the picture of a US ambassador (a country whose leadership has no interest in peace at all). anyway the video was beautiful and a lesson to us all.

on a personal note i am all for peace and i am all for understanding. i don't believe in racism or any of the crap that u see these days. dialouge is the way forward.

however having said that i don't think we shall see peace in our generation or in the next or the next until there is justice. Until this is resolved there will be no peace and the news will be filled with suicide bombings that kills, air strikes that terrorise, and peace plans that fail.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Justice and peace - we must have a passion for both. And in small pockets of the world, good things are happening - small miracles. Unfortunately we seem to get overwhelmed by so much stupidity and bad news.

Pandabonium said...

Nice post. The video is moving. I agree with Buj - there must be justice if peace is to be achieved and endure.

I also agree with what you say NZM, "through people who believe in taking steps like these, the destination has to be closer."

Lirun said...

cool hey ;)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Amazing NZM, thanks for letting me know about this. I will definitely have use for this in my work.