26 October 2006

Squirrel bait

While Berlin basks in glorious unseasonal sunny and warm weather, the animals are preparing for winter.

Birds are flying south, and the cranes and geese travelling from the north to South Africa use Germany as a resting point during their journey.

Closer to home, our resident squirrel, Ginger, is busy gathering supplies and storing them wherever possible.

Today she got braver, and J looked up to see her peering into the house t
hrough the closed door. Upon the door being opened, and enticed by a heady mix of walnuts and hazelnuts, Ginger ventured into the house to collect her shopping, before scampering back out the door to bury them in the garden!

Click on this image to play the video

She's a fussy squirrel - peanuts are a no-no, broken walnuts are to be e
aten immediately, all intact walnuts and hazelnuts instantly become buried treasure.

Ginger grabs walnuts and hazelnuts while the Blue Jay gets the peanuts!

If she becomes any more familiar, she'll be arriving with a packed suitcase and asking to stay indoors for the winter.

We're going to be broke because it's costing us more to buy nuts for the squirrel and birds than it is to buy food for ourselves!

UPDATE: Now we have 2 regular squirrels dropping in, as well as the Bluejay. Our new arrival has been named Van Hazel! The only way we can tell them apart is that on Ginger's left hind leg, she has half a toe missing.

Van Hazel tucking into a walnut


Dubai Sunshine said...

Oh my god that is too cute! Adorable! I never knew squirrels were so friendly :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Majorly cute squirrel alert! Oh God I would probably die of acute cuteness!

Imagine it feels so relaxed, I mean it is a squirrel after all. So you have Chip, where's Dale?

Roba said...

My god, that squirrel is sooooo adorable! I can't take how cute and innocent it looks! I want one!

trailingspouse said...

I must admit I have mixed feelings about squirrels. We have a lot of them in Toronto and they can be very cute (and tame). However they steal all the bird food, scaring the birds away, and also strip bark from the trees, leaving them open to insect attack and even death. Many people refer to them as rats with fluffy tails ie no more than vermin.

This one is very cute though.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It's so tame! I thought they'd keep right out of houses. Beaut photos.
We don't have squirrels here - that I know of - but there are occasionally possums in the trees in the back yard and they race across rooftops sometimes making a racket. And sometimes they get into the ceilings of houses.

moryarti said...

mmmmm... me thinking of squirrel stew

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Uff moryarti you are evil. Go finish that burger instead! Hmph!

clayfuture said...

Isn't that the cutest little thing! I love animals!

elle said...

I walked past the pet store the other day and there was what I though was a squirrel all curled up. It looked so lonely. I had visions of rescuing the poor thing and letting it loose in our garden. We have lovely big trees. On my way back I notice 2 more chipmunks (realized what they were after an internet search) had been added to the cage. Now I want to rescue all 3, but I know they wouldn't survive out there, no food, the street cats and the harsh summers. Oh well you can live my dream of squirrels, oh I mean chipmunks in my garden.

Pandabonium said...

Sweet. Reminds me of the chipmunks and pack rats in Colorado. Mind the fingers.

What a beautiful tail, too.

MamaDuck said...

What a poppet! I'm amazed at it's nerve. In England, beautiful but fierce grey squirrels introduced from overseas have decimated the indigenous red squirrel population, possibly beyond recovery, so I'm glad this little fella's got you in his corner. And the jay! Wow! Thanks for this.

Mise said...

That's lovely and reminds us how nice red squirrels are compared to their grey counterparts ....it's also something simple that Dubai money can't buy. :D

Anonymous said...

Don't spend all your money on squirrel and bird food.

Video is fantastic, just cute.

Please send some cold weather this way :)

Anonymous said...

A daring squirrel, eh? ...cute pics.

Balushi said...

i am afraid of these craetures... onetime there was an ant that bite my thingy...!

KJ said...

Video is just cute.

Happy Diwali


Eid Mubarak to you also...



kaya said...

Squirrel stew?

I was kinda thinking of BBQ Squirrel, with a bit of sliced ginger and a twist of lime.
But gotta say never seen such a friendly fella. The ones I have seen are nasty things, attacking cats as well. So he/she has a penchant for walnuts. Is he/she a PATHAN? (hahahhahahaha Shaykhspeara's relative...bright eyed and bushy tailed ey!)

nzm said...

Thanks for all your comments.

I've never had much to do with squirrels, because as Wendy wrote, we don't have them in the Antipodes! But I used to love going to Central Park in NYC to see them.

Ginger continues to amuse us with her visits. She must have a routine where she visits different areas each day, because she only comes into our property every 2 days or so.

Yesterday's visit was fraught with danger. First, 2 big black and grey crows were chasing her, and then another 2 squirrels invaded her patch. She spent a lot of time chasing them away or standing in the pear tree, jumping up and down, tail twitching and making indignant chuck-chuck noises because the crows were between her and our back door!

Once inside, she was crawling all over me in her quest for nuts - she has very little fear of us!