30 October 2006

Warmer thoughts

Hmmm….winter announced that it isn’t too far away today, and the weather turned grey and cold, exacerbated by having to keep the doors open for the builders who are traipsing in and out in their efforts to replace the upstairs balcony railing.

Our thoughts went back to a couple of weeks ago when we took J's 2 kids to visit her parents in the central German town of Bad Karlshafen.

Bad Karlshafen - known for its natural, hot, salt water thermal baths

The weather was incredibly balmy for the time of year and we used it to good advantage by taking daily walks through the countryside.

Happiness is an empty lane and a stone to kick along it

Investigating black beetles

Seeing the wood for the trees

We now have the fire burning, and thank goodness we’re soon returning to Dubai!


The Lady said...

Walks in the country. Damn, I miss those.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like taking walks along the country side surrounded by scenic beauty, is there?

Glad to read the last line of this post 'We now have the fire burning, and thank goodness we’re soon returning to Dubai!'


kaya said...

Can that include a small coffee visit to these scenic countryside?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Umm...seems someone out there doesn't think you read enough...

I wouldn't mind a walk down that field.

nzm said...

SS: Yup - that was the longest SPAM message that I've ever seen!

Now deleted!

clayfuture said...

Who wants to walk on that dirt road in the lush countryside when you can walk on the concrete ground in the City That Cares, a.k.a. Dubai! ;)

Yaayy.. they're coming back!! (shooting several rounds of my AK-47 in the air)

elle said...

You have your reasons, but I would be very sad to give up all that lush greenery for the concrete jungle of Dubai.

clayfuture said...

@elle.. I was kidding about the concrete jungle! I prefer the lush greenery too!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lovely story and pics.
My brother was recently in Budapest and Italy and he said he hardly saw any birds. He asked people (I don't know in what language!) and they said it was too cold! Here in Australia there are always many colourful birds.

Here, summer is coming, but the weather is all over the place, and only very little rain. We are on very strict water restrictions now.

Hey, Fiji gives me the willies these days. Today parliament and the budget presentation went smoothly so far - though the soldiers this week have been rallying at the barracks and through the town to show their strength.

MamaDuck said...

Each to her own. I don't know how you could want to leave all that, but then again - the Emirates in the growing season. I long ago decided that if I get reincarnated, I want to be a Godolphin race horse: summer in England, winter in Dubai, simply the best.

Mise said...

Apart from the ploughed fields, it still looks quite summery there. At last, it's beginning to cool down a bit here. It's been unseasonably warm all throughout October. You'll see for yourselves in a few days. :D