21 September 2006


Sorry for the recent lack of posts – we’re TBTB™*.

Having arrived in Berlin and now ensconced in J’s gorgeous inner-city house, all of our time has been consumed with house and garden work as we prepare the property to be sold.

It’s giving us huge satisfaction to see visible results in what we’re doing – there’s nothing like manual labour to achieve this. Sitting on a computer answering endless emails and writing reports just doesn’t bring the same pleasure!

The weather has been great too – warm, sunny days, with a nip in the air at nights to remind us that Europe is about to fall into winter’s grip.

As soon as I get the chance, I’ll be back to blog – I think that there are at least 5 tags that I have to catch up with!

* TBTB™ (copyright of Keefieboy!)


moryarti said...

glad you arrived safely .. enjoy quality time and stay cool :)

Harsha said...

sell the property and move where?

Seabee said...

Yes, what's the plan after the house is sold?

nzm said...

Mory: thank you!

harsha and seabee: we don't know yet - wherever the wind blows us, or at least wherever there's a job! We will be coming back to Dubai at some stage, but we're currently in limbo until we sort out the next move, jobwise.

I think that I'm becoming accustomed to being a kept woman! lol.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Only 5 tags? Let's make it 6, a nice even number lol

Gardeninggggg!! I have been neglecting my plants, my babies! I think I'll go out on the balcony now and give 'em some love.

I am glad you are doing well. Good luck with selling and moving and wind blowing! Much missed you are:)

Mise said...

Glad to hear that you've started settling in ...as you say, there's nothing like a bit of manual work to ground one (no pun intended)..I'll be on the move myself soon, too, as I've had enough of island life! The only consolation is that the garden will be in semi-hibernation at the end of November.

Jin said...

I envy you.........getting out, down & dirty even, in a garden.......sniff! Nice to know y'all OK tho & I'm sure you'll both land brilliant work in the very near future :-)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

NZM, we just started a Ramadan Blog:


Seeing as you are THE photographer of the blogworld, I wanna welcome you to become a contributor and post any lovely pics you can think of suitable for the website. You decide.

pretty please... Ok I know you're busy but if you have the time, yeah? :)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your stay stay in Berlin, have fun, chill out and don't forget to send us a teenie-weenie bit of European Winter soon.

Once you settle down, please don't forget to send some recommendations on the jazz & classical music scene in Berlin.

Also remember to post some nice pictures of Berlin.


Jassim said...

رمضان كريم

nzm said...

SS: I hope that you managed to rescue your babies in time!

Also - thanks for the invite to contribute to the new Ramadan blog. This is a fantastic idea and I'll also promote it in my next post. I'll definitely contribute if I can, but I imagine that I'll be learning more from the Ramadan blog than I'll be giving!

Mise: Do you mean enough of island life or Ireland life?! :-) Seriously - you're leaving the island and heading home for good?

Jin: thanks for the wishes on the job front. The garden is not exactly how I would have a garden, but as the house is for sale, we're not putting much money into building the garden into a masterpiece. It's mostly tidying up that I'm doing - pruning, trimming, weeding etc. It's still very satisfying!

Louis: This morning was cold - a reminder that Winter is coming. But it's still a perfect blue dome day - not a cloud in sight. Will try to find more about the jazz and classical scene - I'm struggling with the little German that I know! We're out in Berlin today so I'll see what pics I can come up with. In the meantime, here are some earlier posts with Berlin pics:
Christmas 2005
Breathless in Berlin
The Final Homecoming
Football Fever in Berlin

Jassim: Thank you! Ramadan Kareem to you too, and to all people who are celebrating this special time for followers of Islam, and also to all those who are using this time to learn more about the Muslim faith. May we be enriched by the teachings of others.

Pandabonium said...

Japan is cooling too and to this tropical Panda it is always too quick a transition time to cold weather.

Nothing like working on REAL things. Pushing pixels around really doesn't have the same feel, you are quite right.

Mme Cyn said...

Mmmmm - Berlin! We get Ramadan and you get Beerfests! Lucky sods.

nzm said...

Pandabonium: I know how you feel - I hate the cold, being a Fiji girl!

And I get great satisfaction on seeing progress from manual labour - even if it's to chop the heck out of the roses and the grapevine! :-)

Mme Cyn: Alas - no beerfests in Berlin - Oktoberfest is happening further south in Munich.

We did have the Berlin Marathon on Sunday, and it was thrilling to watch the athletes in action and to be part of the cheering crowd. I'll blog about that next!

And to my hugest excitement, we're going to Koln on Thursday to see Photokina - the biggest photographic show in the world which happens every 2 years. It's been a 20 year dream of mine to one day attend it - and it's happening this week!

Mme Cyn said...

Nzm -- Oh SURELY Berlin has some sort of beery celebration coming up? OK, So I know Bavaria is famous for it, but I always thought it was a prevalent German passion-- drinking too much in tents and halls! I am now educated, but disillusioned. =(