13 September 2006

Our new temporary view

This is our view for the next couple of nights – not bad, is it?

We’re at the beginning of our next adventure which sees us leaving the UAE, at least for a few weeks.

The last 4 months in particular have been stressful. Through a series of events which I don’t want to go into again, (because we’re over it!), we are both jobless and looking for new opportunities. Over the same time period, our landlord decided that he was selling up and moving back to Greece, so our rented apartment is now on the market.

The past week has been spent wrapping up our responsibilities at our ex-work and also packing up the apartment.

Today, we moved out of the apartment which was made all the easier due to a fantastic removal firm run by the fabulous Mr Mohammed Ali. If you need a fast and reliable removing company, he’s your man – Ph: 050 548 1357. His team arrived at 7:30am, packed up all our furniture and moved it into U-Store Storage by 4pm. I’ve never seen 4 guys work as hard all day – they were fantastic. Our furniture is now packed so well, it could be moved anywhere around the world.

So we’re ensconced in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel until we leave.

Tomorrow, we’re going diving - I've been diving since 1992 and am finally completing my PADI Advanced Open Water certification which I signed up for in October 2004! It’s only 5 dives, but because of all the travelling and work that we’ve had to do over the past couple of years, I haven’t had the chance to finish it.

We fly out to Germany in the wee hours of Saturday morning. J has a few things to tidy up in Berlin, and we also want to spend some time with her kids.

We’re also planning what to do next. We really do want to come back to the UAE, but we’ll have to see how soon that can be.

Blogging will be minimal while we travel, settle in Berlin and get the internet hooked up.

We’ll see you on the other side!


sky said...

No matter how much I slag this place off, I think the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is lovely and the view is just stunning..lucky!

All the best girls...you will be missed...but not for long, as we will hold you to the promise you made about coming back :)

Sharron de Mol said...

House, Internet connection and even nice weather are waiting for you in Berlin... we couldn't manage to create such a spectacular view for you, but we'll make up with some cool events during your stay, including the great Berlin Marathon (I believe J participated in this a few years ago!).

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

So where to next? Will you live in Berlin, or is that just a stopover?

Pandabonium said...

Best of luck. I'm looking foward to your future posts - where ever you may go.

A world of Symphony said...

So, this was the move you had addressed a few weeks back?

Great view of the Burj. As always you excel with your pictures. What make? Cyber Shot or Pro?

Get your net hooked up in Germany pronto and please please please stay in touch.

Once you guys are settled down, let me know about the German jazz & classical music scene in one of your posts or emails.

Danke :-)

Best wishes from both of us, Louis & Catherine

Seabee said...

Don't stay away too long - and keep posting.

MamaDuck said...

Minimal blogging? What will we do without you? Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! It sounds as if you'll be well taken care of in Berlin, and I look forward to your next Adventure.

Mise said...

I hope everything goes well for you over the next couple of months ...the best of Irish luck to you both and I hope that your next post will be full of good news...take care..

p.s..that 1st photograph is absolutely gorgeous ...

Dubai Sunshine said...

Good luck to you both...Please keep in touch! Looking forward to our next brunch/lunch/shisha together...and please, keep taking those amazing pictures ;)

moryarti said...

Quoting the wise words of Ahhnold Schvartzennegger, Gavanah of Kalifoornya who said "You'll be baak"...

hope its sooner than later :)

samuraisam said...

I hate it when people leave Dubai; anyway, best of luck wherever you go.

trailingspouse said...

Good luck! I'm sure if you want to return to Dubai you will. We have left twice so far, always thinking we would never return; this place seems to have a boomerang effect.

Mme Cyn said...

Absolutely all the best to you both, and don't be strangers!

Mme Cyn said...

Oh and find me in the blogosphere when you come back to Dubai -- I'll introduce you to the local BSAC diving club.

Jin said...

My laptop has had the nadgers for the past 3 days & I haven't been able to access any blogs (the horror really!!) so I'm stunned to see you're on your way already! Hambagahle (go well) girls & I wish you both all the very best. Please stay in touch?!!

clayfuture said...

Hey.. now we'll get to see some great pics of Berlin! look on the bright side people!!

Do keep posting! Good luck and all the best!! :)

kaya said...

before you go. (boooohooohooo)

You HAVE been tagged!
(will miss u, but know U will be back. Better stronger faster...*(fade into theme music for bionic woman.

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Good luck with everything, keep on blogging and keep us posted on your new life.


CG said...

You are leaving so soon?
This place really does move along quickly.
Hurry back, you will be missed.


Paresh said...

As long as you dont stop blogging, I don't care where you end up. It's always fun to read what you two have to say.


*Cues up Star Trek The Series opening monologue*

The Lady said...

No goodbyes...just see you soon.

Good luck on the new adventure.

Tainted Female said...

Awwwe... I sure hope you all come back around to the Emirates.

Either way, enjoy yourselves.

A Yahya said...

We are waiting for you to return.