9 September 2006

We're especially proud...

...of M's no-so-little little brother.

D is a Porsche mechanic extraordinaire, and just recently, his company which he started upon returning to New Zealand from San Francisco played a key role for the team that smashed the 10 year old New Zealand Endurance Distance record.

D's crew was responsible for the preparation of the car and also its servicing during the 24 hour event.

Driving a twin turbo Porsche 996, the 6 driver team took 2 hour turns behind the wheel and battled through heavy rain, strong winds and appalling driving conditions to break the record, with 2 hours left to spare. On the way they set new 1, 6, 12, 18 and 24 hour endurance marks.

The record-breaking twin turbo Porsche 996

The new 24 hour distance now stands at 2,942.13 km which was achieved at an average speed of 122.66kph, surpassing the previous mark (set in October 1996) by 188.17 km.

Check out the full PR details of the event on D's
company website.

You can also view the
TV news coverage of the event - it will give you a great indication of how bad the conditions were.

M met the interviewed driver of the diesel VW, Maurice O'Reilly, when he was in Dubai at the end of last year racing in an endurance event at the Dubai Autodrome.

She also knows the interviewed driver of the Porsche, Ray Williams, and a few years ago had the extreme thrill of being a passenger in his Turbo Porsche as he took it through its paces on the Pukekohe track in Auckland, NZ. There's nothing like it for adrenaline - a high-powered car in the hands of a master driver - it's truly awesome!

Congratulations to both teams and to all the people involved - and we especially want to congratulate bro on his spectacular return to the NZ Porsche scene!

Hmmm.....that's both of M's brothers with websites - this one with his Motorsport business and the other mentioned in this post with the gorgeous B&B!


Mise said...

Wow...two gems in the one post..the car and that gorgeous guesthouse location ...don't know which one I'm drooling over more. :-D

MamaDuck said...

There's soooooo much talent in this family. What a triumph for everyone involved. No wonder you're proud!

Jin said...

Ditto what mamaduck says - you must be soooooo proud! Well done to M's brothers on both achievements!

BuJ said...

wow! sounds terrific!!
wouldn't mind taking that car for a spin :)
good work to M's not so little bro!

lovely pics as well!

Mise said...

I was so taken with the pics that I forgot the congrats ...so, Congratulations to M's brother! :-D

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Cute car. Maybe I should get one. How many liters per 100 km? (hee hee)

Paresh said...

Porsche = ZOOOOOOOOM!!!

Guesthouse = Beer, hammock, shades and ocean surf.

Dammit, now I want a vacation.