18 June 2006

Football Fever in Berlin

Berlin is in the sweaty clutches of World Cup fever.

The area around the Brandenburg Gate is sealed off for pedestrian access only, and there are huge viewing screens in place down the length of the avenue.

Today was fun. Arriving at halftime in the Croatia-Japan match, the place was hot and alive with fans of all nationalities and ages – everyone having a party time in the sun and cheering the action on the screens.

We enjoyed wandering through the crowds and taking images of the loud and boisterous fans – many of them happy to pose for us.

What an awesome atmosphere.

We have a big screen of our own. J’s house in Berlin is equipped with a drop-down screen, a large projection unit and surround sound, so we watch every match as if we were in the stadiums!

Here are some images of today’s crowds.


Dubai Sunshine said...

Amazing pics as usual!
I would love to be there right now, to live the amazing atmosphere...

I mean, I am having an amazing time right here watching it with a dozen of my friends, so imagine watching it with hundreds of thousands of people around you!

I love the World Cup :)

nzm said...

I confess that being from the South Pacific and the southern hemisphere, rugby is the more popular game for me.

Occasionally my mother and I used to sit up in the middle of the night to watch the FA Cup final, but then Pay TV was introduced, and the games were no longer free to air.

Being here in the thick of it is wonderful and puts a different meaning to the whole event.

And as J is football crazy, I'm doomed to watch it anyway - so I may as well learn to enjoy it!

I loved the Ghana/Czech Republic match the other day - fantastic to watch Ghana play with flair and enthusiasm.

Jin said...

I'm also not a football lover (by any stretch of the imagination) & having a son who's a professional rugby player, I'm naturally inclined to support the REAL game of (rugby) football. However, Hubs stayed up recently to "just watch a few minutes" of the Croatia match (I think) & I nearly fell off me perch in shock! Hubs watching socceer? He must be having a mid-life bloody crisis! Needless to say, I have now also watched a w h o l e match & quite enjoyed it........mainly cos I was calling the England players some rather rude names!

nzm said...

Jin - I think that it's often the case of if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

When it's not life threatening, sometimes it's just easier to go with the flow, maybe learn something new, and enjoy it while it lasts. Only 3 weeks to go before it's all over for another 4 years!

And then we have the Rugby World Cup to look forward to! lol

The Lady said...

Not a football fan myself, but do get sucked into the excitement of it all.

And alhtough my money's on Brazil, after watching the BRA-AUS showdown last night, I have to say that the boys from down under are HOT! You've got the best looking squad in the World Cup!

Gautam said...

Hey, You really do go thate extra mile to make sure that the pics on your blog are just right!

Really like the pics on your blog!!

Hows it going?


nzm said...

p(~_~)d - I have to confess that hot, sweaty boys do nothing for me! lol.

gautam - going good thanks. Currently in London and hard at work - hence no blogging updates for the past couple of days. Limited internet access also doesn't help.