16 June 2006

Palm removal

The palms are being removed from the middle of the Dubai Marina Road – I guess that it’s being done in anticipation of more road works.

Oh well – as they’ve almost finished with the beautification of the Jumeirah Beach Rd, I suppose they have to find something to do.

I have 2 hopes that:
1. at the end of this project, the road will be safer for residents and visitors to exit the marina accessways without fear of being broadsided/wiped off the planet by speeding vehicles.

2. the palm trees are being replanted elsewhere and not being dumped to die.

As a teacher of mine was so fond of saying, “We live in hope.”

To me, hope describes what I feel when I’m not in control!


moryarti said...

Palms are very expensive .. Trust me, they will be pinned somewhere else :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

perhaps pinned with a big lock like in bahrain ey moryarti? lol

It seems the last thing that is needed over in the land of sand, is a reduction of greenery.

nzm said...

Yes, I trust they'll transplant the palms as they are really healthy trees.

They didn't transplant the ones that they ripped out in front of Grosvenor House that were there during the construction period. Of course, with all the crap falling on them from the building site, they looked tatty and tired, but they weren't dead. So they replaced them with new palms and the old ones lay on the pavement and died before being removed a week or so later. :-(

SS - the thing with greenery is that it needs irrigating, and now there are concerns that all the greenification in the UAE is using too much water. So what we're seeing is more concrete and paving going in, where there used to be gardens. Practicality wins the day!

nzm said...

BTW - just waiting for either you or Buj to bitch at me about the word verification, but you're being extremely polite with me! lol

The Lady said...

Fantastic zoom on that camera of yours. :)

Seabee said...

I was going to do a quick piece on this latest vandalism. In the morning there were almost 100 beautiful date palms, by late afternoon there were another 100 holes to add to the thousands of other holes we're surrounded by.
I saw them being taken off to the big sandy area and dumped - hopefully to be replanted somewhere.
What are we going to get in place of them I wonder - flower beds?

Strangely, further along the street - near Horizon & Cascades - they've just put topsoil in the nature strip, plus big holes ready for palm trees.

I know, they'll plant them, let them settle, then replace them with holes.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Poor palm trees.... I really hope they're not left to die somewhere.
When will the Marina area be done? It's like everytime you think one area's done, they start building some new skyscraper or road or flyover or whatever.... So sick and tired of construction!

nzm said...

p(~_~)d - cropping in Photoshop! :-)

seabee - it seems a shame doesn't it? Just when everything starts to look nice and established, it gets ripped up again. It's the same with the gardens in the Marina. Seems as if there's a lot of money spent replacing plants all the time, where if they just planted perenials it would mean less cost, less disruption and less stinky fertiliser - god, that stuff smells! My gardening fanatic grandmother was a fan of blood and bone, but this stuff makes b&b smell heavenly in comparison.

ds - who knows when it's going to be over. The Infinity Tower is slated to be completed in 2009, so in reality, it will mean at least 2010/11. I liken Dubai to a big boys' sandpit - when one castle is built, then another is started. I guess there'll also come a day when the boys get tired of their creations and demolish them to start again!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

NZM, I must confess it crossed my mind the other day...but I felt like I had recently nagged Moryarti and I don't wanna come across as a nag. But ah well, now that you mention it. Off please lol

nzm said...

Ok SS - just for you and Buj, it's now switched off, but if I find myself having to deal with too much spam, it will be reactivated!

Seabee said...

And today palms are going in along the strip in front of Horizon/Cascades.

Don't try to work it out, just accept it.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

NZM, you are too kind, your blogness! lol

nzm said...

SS - I aim to please my blogging subjects! lol.

Seabee - aiyiyiii. Let's see how long before they're ripped out too!