16 June 2006

Busy, busy world

It’s time for another marina update photo. I last did this in January.

Click on the image to enlarge it in your browser.

Just as it got quieter around here with the completion of most of the closer projects, and we (erroneously) believed that we could again sleep at nights without being woken by construction noise, it’s time for the next round.

Ding ding!

In the red corner, Cayan is constructing their twisted Infinity Tower on the marina entrance across from Grosvenor House.

In the blue corner, Damac is wedging their twisted Ocean Heights Tower between the Emirates Crown Tower (currently receiving its domed headpiece) and the Infinity Tower.

Yeesh - which planning guru gave permission for 2 twisted towers to be built at the marina entrance? If they both get built to plan, at 80+ storeys each, they'll both be 25% higher than the Emirates Crown Tower and ridiculously out of scale in comparison to the other buildings around them. I hope that wind tunnel tests have been completed to assess the effect of high winds swirling off the towers and affecting the rest of the environs.

The Emaar office has been demolished, apparently to make way for a new lowrise hotel.

In the background left, the Jumeirah Beach Residence towers are being topped off and the cranes are starting to disappear, and in the background center/right, the Palm Jumeirah continues to be filled with villas stacked cheek by jowl in uneven lines along the branches.

If beloved children’s author Richard Scarry was still alive, he would find a whole lot of good ideas in Dubai to spin off a Middle Eastern version of his Busy, busy world stories. But then he’d have to find replacement animals for his favourite porcine and canine characters!


trailingspouse said...

I find it interesting that they seem to be building some of the tallest towers right at the Marina entrance. Eventually they will create a wall (much like JBR) that will effectively block much of the view for at least the North towers of original Emaar complex. I wonder if the purchasers knew this when they plunked down their deposits?

nzm said...

I think that it's a design nightmare and completely blocks the flow of energy from the water to the land.

There's no way that the Marina 1 purchasers knew what was to come! Liken it to the Emirates Hills' owners suddenly finding out about the 6 lane highway! :-)