2 August 2008

Eating Puffins

Well, we're not doing what the t-shirt says, but who knows what will happen next week when we're in wild North-west Iceland, camping with J's friends!

Someone who did eat puffin recently is getting a lot of flak for it!

We have free internet in our Reykjavik rental apartment and it's blazingly fast.
I can thoroughly recommend Systa's Apartments as a great place to stay in Reykjavik. Systa is an artist who works in glass and a few of her works are in the building. She's a delightful woman who has visited New Zealand and walked the Heaphy Track. Her name for New Zealand is "Paradise"!

Anyway, Systa has 3 apartments available and believe me, they're great value in a city where accommodation is on the high side, price-wise. Within 5 minutes' walk to the main street shops, restaurants and supermarkets, we're thrilled that we managed to find this great place to stay.

Check out her accommodation website here and her art website here.

First impressions of Iceland:

~ it's a great place - especially when the sun is shining!

~ it's expensive when compared to Europe prices but worth it to see the beauty

~ most Icelanders speak English so it's fantastically easy to ask for anything - for that I thank them!

~ the midnight sun is a novelty - it never gets completely dark at this time of year
~ we'll have to come back here to tour the whole island - without the kids!
~ would love to see it in winter - especially for photographic purposes.

Today we've been to the Blue Lagoon. Tomorrow we hire a car and go see what we can see out of Reykjavik. On Monday we fly up to a place called Ísafjörður to begin our camping trip.

Will try to update again before we disappear into the wilds.