3 August 2008


Seen in Reykjavik:

Searches reveal an Icelandic website for the pizzeria, but none for any of the other cities. Perhaps this window maps their ambitions for worldwide pizza domination!

Tonight, we had a Margarita from Devito's and it was really good. We couldn't get anything else as we were also catering to the tastebuds of 2 kids who will eat caviar and oysters yet remain unadventurous when it comes to pizza toppings.

Another great day today. We saw geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, tectonic plates and continental drifts, the site of one of the world's oldest parliaments and the clearest water that I have ever seen. More later when I've had the chance to process the images.


Sandie said...

Hi guys, this country is on our list as well. We would like to visit one day, just tell us later if you recommend it and what to see and where to go. Have fun!

Jayne said...

Have fun & remember we want to see heaps of photos :-)

p.s. Thank you sooo much for the 'adjusted' cartoon - it's brilliant!

moryarti said...

Does it really have a branch in Dubai? Where?

nzm said...

Sandie: for sure! We rented a car and drove ourselves which we reckon saved us about 500 euros over what we would have spent on bus tours - and we could please ourselves as to where we could stop and how muchtime we spent at places - something that's important for a photographer!

Jayne: you'll see lots of photos! I had fun adjusting the cartoon!

Mory: I couldn't find a website for any of the Devito's except for Iceland, so I can't be sure if there's a Dubai one. The guys running the Iceland one are Arab so maybe they have dreams about expanding into Dxb!

Keefieboy said...

And Madrid!

nzm said...

Yeah Keefie - I thought of you when I saw that!