1 August 2008

Warm fuzzies

Charlie Brown once said, while cuddling a newly acquired Snoopy, "Happiness is a warm puppy."

Meet Bonnie the Golden Retriever and the latest addition to the German side of our family.

She joins 2 other dogs - Boomer and Buffy - and cat Mata Hari - in the Bad Karlshafen home shared by J's parents and her older sister E and her husband H.

E has just been awarded Dog Handler of the Year by their local obedience club for her sterling work with the ever-I-wanna-please Golden Retriever Buffy. Boomer is an untrainable mutt (he loves the agility course but is not a huge fan of the obedience part!), who was rescued from a rubbish bin in Greece by our good friend S and has found a home in the middle of Germany where he is loved.

The local dog obedience club in training

Don't be deceived by Bonnie's cute and cuddly exterior. Behind that soft, fuzzy muzzle lurks a set of razor puppy teeth which draw blood every time they make contact with a human. I'm hoping sure that E will have her trained out of that habit in a very short time!