10 April 2006

Me unplugged

This time, Dubai Sunshine tagged me courtesy of her sister Sky, who was ”encouraged” by Moryarti to make an ordinary post into a tag!

I am not: the Girl from Ipanema
I love: scuba diving
I hate: cold wind and cold water
I fear: my computer hard-drive crashing
I hope: that when it does crash, that I have just backed-up all my important files including my Outlook pst file
I hear: songs in my head often just before they’re played on the radio
I crave: hot mango achar
I regret: not learning languages or how to read music

I cry: out of frustration, overtiredness, or upon hearing the national anthem of any country, and I pretty much cried through the whole Valley of the Wolves Iraq movie on Sunday night
I care: about my family and loved ones
I always: smile and greet people in elevators, and I also stay to watch the entire credits of movies that I like, because the people who make them deserve that respect

I feel alone: sometimes, but not lonely
I listen: more than I talk
I hide: my feelings when I know that I shouldn’t – but I have got better
I drive: assertively, not aggressively - and in Dubai, very defensively
I dance: with gay abandon and not often enough
I write: too many emails
I act: like me
I miss: weekend breakfasts in our favourite café on Kohi Beach in Auckland, NZ and seeing my family more than I do now
I learn: because it challenges me
I feel: blessed
I know: that I am loved
I sleep: next to a sheet-stealing restless octopus
I wonder: how my name got to be on a USA outging No-Fly List that makes them double-check my passport every time I try to leave America, but never on the way into it!
I want: a Canon 5D camera, or the next best thing that Canon will release at Photokina in September
I worry: about trivial things
I have: to lose weight
I fight: my weight
I need: to lose weight
I am: what I am
I think: too much

I tag: anyone who wants to do some lighthearted analysis into themselves!


Dubai Sunshine said...

Thanks for playing along NZM :)