7 April 2006

Mauritius - Très Magnifique!

What drama has unfolded while we’ve been away – Lurpak is back on the shelves and Sharjah has banned bicycles.

It makes us wish that we had been in Dubai instead of sunning, swimming, snorkelling and sight-seeing in Mauritius!

What a beautiful island, and aside from the French influence, it reminded M very much of her birthplace: Fiji.

It was awesome to catch up with some good friends who manage one of the better hotels on the island – the Oberoi Mauritius. Much fun was had!

Mauritius is only 6 hours away on an Emirates’ flight, the same timezone as the UAE, and a great place to vacation. M felt so much at home driving again on the left side of the road!

We didn’t get to see everything, as this holiday was mostly about relaxation (which also meant no computers!), but we did manage to stir ourselves off the sun loungers on a couple of occasions to venture further than the hotel gate.

Here are some images of our time there which you can click to enlarge them in your browser.

The 7 coloured earth at Chamarel:

The waterfall at Chamarel:

The mountains behind the capital, Port Louis:

Looking back towards Flic en Flac:

The Sugar Museum - L'Aventure du Sucre - is a must-see for a complete history of Mauritius:

The Botanical Gardens at Pamplemousse are gorgeous. It's free to enter them, and our advice is to pick up a licensed guide from just inside the entrance. For 50 Mauritian rupees per person, (about 6 dirhams), they'll take you on a 45min tour to show you all the different plants that are growing in the gardens. Our guide, Marie, was fantastic. She would pick up seed pods and leaves, and by getting us to smell them, she would have us guess which plant they were from! We learnt a lot from her that we wouldn't have otherwise gotten to know.

From our loungers on the beach, this is what we saw - when we weren't snorkelling or swimming!


moryarti said...

welcome back! Great photos M..

samuraisam said...

wonderful photos!

Jin said...

Welcome back! I also took a long wander around the botanical gardens & it's something I'll never forget......we went in December & the sweat just poured off of us! Did you get to Curepipe? Great photos btw!

sky said...

Gorgeous photos!
The names (Chamarel, Pamplemousse...) sound magical!
Welcome back nzm.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Stunning, stunning, stunning....That's all I can say....

Oh and welcome back :)

nzm said...

Thanks gang - it is sooo good to be back - not! lol

Mauritius is beautiful and the 8 days just flew by. We have to go back to see all the stuff that we didn't see this time.

Jin - didn't get to Curepipe this time. Mainly covered the south-west coast and back through the middle, and Port Louis.

Port Louis was traffic-crazy, but all the drivers were incredibly considerate. They actually stopped and let you in or to turn across in front of them to get into a side street! It was fantastic!

Seabee said...

That looks pretty bloody good to me :-)

Keefieboy said...

Wow! Our son went on a school trip to Mauritius a few years ago - he didn't bring back any photos and he never told us anything about this landscape!

kaya said...

WOW what pictures. No wonder the Bollywood producers are always running off to make movies there. I had heard so much about it for so long(Mauritius) but I could never have conceived it to be so beautiful. And what pictures you have taken!!
The lily pads are phenomenal. But can you please do me a favour. Picture number 8 can you please roll it up and post it to me. :)

kaya said...

Oops! Then again on a closer look with my glasses and sans all this thick smoke, I see its not what I thought it was originally. Teehee.

nzm said...

Keefie - is your son the strong, silent type? :-)

Kaya - what did you think that it was?!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

amaaaazing photos....this is so depressing. It actually snowed this morning in sweden...in APRIL!!! gees what's a girl to do to get some sun over here...

"look at nzm's photos" :)

kaya said...

With a name like KAYA what else could I think.....(ref Bob Marley...)
I was told a few days ago that I have fried my brain cells in my former life as a Hippy chick.

Holidays to Mauritius said...

Mauritius is truly wonderful..just so great!