29 March 2006

Going off air and into it

Transmission from this site will be non-existent for the next week while we explore the wilds of Mauritius.

In our absence: please be good, be kind and be careful!


Dubai Sunshine said...

I am so jealous :)
You haven't even posted about Jordan yet and now you're off to yet another exotic destination!!!

Have fun and enjoy it....and take lots of amazing pictures!

Jin said...

It's a beautiful island......enjoy your stay & take heaps of photos!

Anonymous said...

I just love, love your blog:):). My bro-in-;aw and family just moved to Dubai so I have been reading and searching for information. I was starting to wonder is the UAE just a large mall with skyscrapers where people only exist to shop...(I mean, a Shopping Festival...hehe) So wonderful to hear a bit about outside of Dubai with your travels..it's exactly what my husband and I would do if we were there..explore! And I love your attitude ..you speak of the friendly people you encounter...I think it must be the obvious friendliness on your side and in your eyes that makes people respond so well..
I will keep reading..fascinating

moryarti said...

have a great time and lookin forward for your snaps :)

Keefieboy said...

Crikey, can't you guys stay in Dubai for more than a fortnight at a time? Enjoy Mauritius!

A Yahya said...

enjoy :-)

nzm said...

Hi gang

Thanks for all the wishes and lovely comments.

DS - I know, I know - the Jordan post has still not been completed! So much travel, too little time!

Jin - you're so right - it's incredibly beautiful, and very much like my old home country of Fiji. I was very nostalgic!

Anonymous - thank you! Dubai is going through such incredible growth that sometimes it's hard to see past the construction cranes and building sites. There are constant reminders of the progress in the form of construction noise, traffic (labourer buses, cement mixers etc), and the almighty Dubai Marketing machine that extols the virtues and pretty much gives the impression that all construction has been completed! The Shopping Festival is not a patch on what it used to be. Luckily, these things aren't what attracted us to be here - it's other positives like great weather for 9 months of the year; a central place to live for all the travel that we do - business and pleasure; tax-free wages; and the opportunity to experience new adventures. Sure, it's not all wine and roses, but then what country is? For now, we love it!

Keefie - we're actually here for about 3 weeks now before our next business trip to Berlin and New York!

Moryarti and Al Yahya - we did enjoy and had a great time.

Post with pics to follow!

Then maybe I might get to do the Jordan trip!