27 March 2006

Baghdad Burning

UPDATE: We were suddenly getting an increase in hits to our blog. Turns out this post has been picked up by the Mumbai Mirror.

The more exposure for bloggers, the better!

Here’s some great news – of all places, I first found the article in the NZ Herald!

When I explored all the blogs that are listed on toot, I came across a couple that really tugged at my heart and soul. Since “discovering” them, I’ve regularly visited their sites for updates.

One of them is Baghdad Burning (riverbendblog); written by an anonymous Female Iraqi blogger whose tagline is: “Girl blog from Iraq...let’s talk war, politics and occupation.”

Her posts can sometimes send cold chills rushing through me as I read about what the normal Iraqis are enduring every day in their own country. After reading her accounts, no one could truthfully say that Iraq is better off now that it was 3 years ago.

I’m pleased to read that more literary bods, than I, have been reading Baghdad Burning, and she has been nominated for one of literature's most prestigious non-fiction awards – the £30,000 British Samuel Johnson Prize.

The posts have been compiled into a book, published by independent publishers, Marion Boyars, and it is among 19 contenders vying for the award – the winner will be announced on June 14th in London.

Congratulations to Riverbend – I know that this blogger and lots more like her will be hoping, wishing and praying that you win.

“…I’ll meet you ‘round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend…”


Lina said...

I've been reading Riverbend's blog for some time now, and she is absolutely amazing.. it does send cold shivers down my spine most of the time, or just leave a lump in my throat!

I'm so glad to hear about this nomination, thanks for letting us know, and I will sure be hoping and praying that she wins :)

Seabee said...

She writes some great stuff doesn't she. I've been e-mailing some of her pieces to friends to balance the propaganda they're normally fed.

Sharron Kidney-Stone said...

Such a coincidence happened today...after reading this post, I remembered I had heard a song yesterday..my fav in 1987! - Dalbello's "Let's Tango", so I researched what she is up to now (getting there, it DOES have to do with this post)... after a while, I found out she also has a blog http://voxpopgirl.blogspot.com ... and she also links to Baghdad Burning, in fact under the link list "Blogs from the Front" you'll find some other blog-links that will interest you!!