25 March 2006

A Cacophony of Cars

Every weekend night, it’s the same deal. People flock to the Dubai Marina for dinner, with the adults sitting outside enjoying the food while the kids play in the fountain.

It’s a great scene – here’s Dubai enjoying itself.

However, around the valet parking area, it’s a different story. It’s a problematic dead-end street with a turning circle at the end – one way in and one way out. Exacerbating the situation is that the entrances and exits to the 2 underground garages are also on the turning circle. Even if it’s your desire to park your own car, you'll still end up in the valet parking traffic.

Chaos reigns!

Porsches, Mercedes, Lamborghinis, Jaguars and Bentleys are forced to wait and mix with Hondas, Toyotas, taxis and their ilk as the road becomes a carpark. Mix in a couple of stretched limos, and the situation really starts to get heated. A common misconception is that the harder and longer you lean on your car horn, the faster you’ll be, and a clear path will magically open up.

It’s fun to watch, and reminiscent of the Neil Diamond song from the 70s, Beautiful Noise.


moryarti said...

I got stuck there many times and yes, people do honk like they lost their minds...

Lately, i've been parking in the other outdoor parking lot, the one before the enterance to the underground parking. Save, clean and easy to get out of when you finish dinner.

redstar said...

It's beyond me how they keep building these kinds of developments and repeatedly forgetting that people need to get there using some form of motorised transport.

DIC and DMC have nowhere to park, Skh Zayed Rd has nowhere to park, Bur Dubai has nowhere to park, Deira has nowhere to park...

Someone in the plannind department, if such a place exists, really needs to get his head checked.

Seabee said...

"Planning Department". Now there's a great idea, we should get one of those. We could have Creative City free zone where all the planning departments could be located. With the road system, parking spaces & nearby affordable accommodation all put in first.

M, I love that bit of the Marina. Narrow, short dead-end road with tight entrances to the car parks, valet parking service, naturally, added to the mix plus the Important Cars allowed to park at the roundabout.

I also avoid it like the plague and use the little open-air one. But with the development of the Emaar office site I guess that'll disappear very soon.