30 January 2006

Zyng in the House of Ming

Poetic licence with that title really, but we love eating at Zyng in the China Court of the Ibn Battuta Mall. Lots of healthy options – and lots of crunchy vegetables – if you’re into that type of thing! Sometimes we just crave fresh veges!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, Its nice to see some positive stuff on a Dubai blog. Granted, I support all the Dubai bloggers who have alot to say bout the negatives in the city, and righfully so, but its just refreshing to see some " to dos" and recommendations about life in Dubai. This is what keeps the balance between the Ying and the Yang.

nzm said...

Thanks Anon.

I try to keep it balanced for my own state of mind more than anything else!

There are lots of positives for being in Dubai, as well as all the negatives that are around us.

Often it's easier to dwell on the negatives, as they are the more topical subjects that arouse more interest!

But I also want our blog to tell about what we enjoy about the place too.

moryarti said...

There are very few Chinese joints that i like here ... i haven't tried this one yet. It better be good ... or else!

*evil laugh*


nzm said...

Moryarti - it's not a traditional Chinese restaurant - more like Asian fusion - little bit of this and that.

But we enjoy it!

Hey - was in London for a day - I thought of you when we saw the Sherlock Holmes pub just off Trafalgar Square!


DAMGIRL said...

M, thanks so much for focussing on the veggies and not on some crispy duck while I'm so successfully on my WW diet:) BTW: have you been to the Meat Factory at Mina A' Salam yet? I still dream about the steak I had there!!

moryarti said...

Sherlock Holmes eh!... In my plan to TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION, am gonna take that place off the map


nzm said...

DAMGirl - no - haven't yet been there. We don't think of the Mina A'Salam when looking for restaurants. That only happens when the Berlin work team comes into town!

Moryarti - Watson your mind? (get it?!)