5 February 2006

Sunset from Fujairah

Click on the image to see it bigger


CG said...

absolutely fantastic. So powerful. I really like this.

kaya said...

So much peace. zenlike...OMMMMMMMM
as usual you have taken yet another POSTCARD PErfECT picture.

oii! I say NZM whats going on with my blog?My posts are dissappering, and considering I have to utilise my already sparse gray matter its getting a bit annoying. I mean posts take a bit of time to write, and time is not my greatest accessory at the moment.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Wow...another amazing picture.

nzm said...

CG - thanks! I like it too, and risked life and limb to stop on the side of the highway to shoot it! :-)

Kaya - it's happening to all blogs - problem with Blogger.com at the moment. I have a post ready to publish on a Dibba - Ras Al Kaimah road trip and it won't appear!

It's very frustrating!

Dubai Sunshine - thanks!


Neglected-ism said...

This is gooooorgeous =))

nzm said...

thank you!