27 January 2006

Dubai Marina Market

Every Friday until April 28th, there's an open air market along the Dubai Marina Walk. It’s happening now as I post, and already the place is starting to fill up.

It’s a fun atmosphere, especially later in the afternoon and into the evening. The place gets so crowded that it’s sometimes hard to move.

All sorts of products are for sale – ornaments, clothing, jewellery, painting, photographs.

If shopping isn’t your thing, then sitting on one of the benches or at one of the restaurants and watching the crowds is also great entertainment.

The kids love the fountain!

It’s so good to see the marina complex filled with life.


moryarti said...

.. the first standing kid from the right (in jeans) looks as if he is taking a wiz :P

nzm said...

It's quite funny to see the boys at this fountain - they love to stand right over the jets and get them to squirt them in the you-know-where!!

Even J's 2 boys do this!

Must be a pleasurable experience for them!