27 May 2009

We are the champions!!!

Barça completed the triple crown tonight with a 2-0 win over Manchester United in Rome.

Sung to the chorus of Queen's "We will, we will rock you":

Copa ~ Liga ~ Campions!

We went into the next door restaurant to watch it. They know us well in there as we go in to view all the major games on their big screens.

On TV, the best image of the team leaving the Rome Olympic stadium was of Piqué walking out with one of the goal nets draped around his shoulders and a match ball clutched tightly in his hands!

ça Catalunya is full of partying people in front of the entertainment stage and lots of fans are headed down Las Ramblas to celebrate by the Font de les Canaletes which is at the site of one of the first fountains in Barcelona and a traditional meeting place after FC Barcelona win major matches. It's a small fountain with a huge reputation and history.

The city is going wild - parties, fireworks, tooting horns - and a hell of a hangover tomorrow morning!


Keefieboy said...

An amazing end to an amazing season for Barca.

nzm said...


Tonight was no exception - a 3 hour parade through the city streets culminating in another huge affair at Camp Nou. It was even bigger than we witnessed on Saturday night.

We live about 7 kms from the stadium and the fireworks were loud at our place!

alba said...


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