30 May 2009

Videos of FC Barcelona at Camp Nou

I have added some videos from Barça's Saturday game to go with the below post. To make sense of them, it's probably a good idea to first read that post.

By no means am I a videographer as the clips will show you! However, I'm pretty impressed by what the Canon 5D MkII will do, and in the right hands, it's a very cool piece of equipment for videography.

Ideally, the camera would be better placed on a tripod to give it a more stable base and control when panning and zooming, but I was at a football match, seated high above the pitch and hand-holding my 5D MkII with the relatively heavy 70-200 IS f4 lens on it - at maximum zoom for most of the time.

The videos came out of the camera between 100 - 400mb in size, but I had to compress them to upload here - a video streaming server is not in my budget! As well, I was taking still images while videoing, so whenever there is a stutter in the visual and the sound of a camera shutter, that's me taking stills.

Enjoy for what they're worth - a lot of memories of a great night at Camp Nou!

The teams come on to the crowd singing El Cant del Barça

White handkerchiefs are waved furiously during la pañolada

Puyol accepts the La Liga trophy

The celebrations as the confetti cannons fire

The team takes the cups to the fans

Last night, they added another piece of silverware to the cabinet - the UEFA Champions League trophy!