11 January 2009

Winter Walks

While in Bad Karlshafen, our exercise schedule was interrupted by freezing weather, too much good food and general apathy. Well, it was the holidays!

We did manage to get out on a couple of walks with the dogs, and the boys loved having animals to order around, since their bossy attempts with the adult humans are now usually unsuccessful.

Here they are with Buffy the Golden Retriever and Boomer the Greek mutt. Bonnie, the other younger Golden, was in obedience training when we went for this walk.

We got to take our family portrait to share on this blog!

The weather was a mix of brilliant sunny days and freezing overcast conditions. This isn't snow that you see in the next 2 images, but there was a lot of fog and frost.

Bad_KarlshafenBad Karlshafen can just be seen in the gloom

Bad_Karlshafen_CastleThe castle ruins surrounded by frosty fields

We passed by the dog training facility and found the family dogs had taken refuge in the back of a Mercedes wagon to get out of the cold!

That's Bonnie lying down, Buffy behind her, little Boomer and their Mercedes owner mate, Boris. He's one of the biggest Golden Retrievers that I've seen - tall and solid. Bonnie is going to be like him, as she's only 9 months old and already much bigger than 5 year old Buffy.

Unfortunately it didn't snow until the day we left. I got these 2 images while we waited for the train.

Bad Karlshafen is really pretty when it's covered in snow. One day, I'll actually get into the village to take some photos!