15 January 2009

Brown Paper Packages

We took a quick trip to San Francisco last week, mixing some business with mostly pleasure. We went shopping, and on one occasion, we came home with these 2 innocuous paper bags.

What's inside? Looks intriguing!

Let's unpack the bags. Looks better!

Let's unpack the boxes. Now this is awesome!

Introducing my new baby: the brand new Canon 5D MkII with 24-105 f4 L zoom, 70-200 f4 L zoom, 580EX II Speedlite, BG-E6 vertical grip and double battery holder, and the RS80-N3 remote trigger.

I also got a Manfrotto tripod and a Lowepro backpack in which to schlepp it all.

My Christmases and birthdays came at once!

San Francisco turned on some stellar weather for us to trial the camera. J quickly became adept at carrying my tripod and driving me to all the photogenic spots. She's got the makings of a good assistant!

I'm blessed to have a partner who buys me quality gifts, and I will be saying "thank you" for a long time to come!

First images from the 5D Mk II will be posted soon.


Aaron said...

Mabrouk nzm on all the lovely Canon gear and glass! I will enjoy seeing even more wonderful pictures from you soon.

/Aaron walks off very envious wondering if he can get his hands on a Nikon D900 any time soon.

Macthomson said...

Picture me green with envy. Alas, my German client seems to have learned his 'Zahlungsmoral' in the Sandlands, so the iMac and the Mark II will have to wait a while!

Jayne said...

Oh you tart! (she says, vey bloody envious!) What a gift - wow M, I can barely wait to see the first shots :-)

nzm said...

Aaron: Shukran! I'm in awe of this camera's capabilities. It's the first DSLR that has made me want one.

Mac: Et tu, Brute? We had non-paying Deutsche clients last year to a hefty sum which put us right on the back foot.

Jayne: Watch this space - I'm hoping to edit some of the first images over the weekend and post them.

Pandabonium said...

I hope you got a waterproof pouch for that, 'cause I'm drooling all over it.

Looking forward to the pictures - in your competent hands, I'm sure this camera will be producing wonderful images.

Aussie said...

What a treat! Where do you find a partner like that? I think I'll have to trade mine in. I had to nudge him extra hard to get a glass of Moet out of him last night - and it was our anniversary (which we both almost forgot. To his credit he remembered it, not me!).

Well done on your lastest acquisition! Nice one!

Keefieboy said...

Oh wow! Hope u don't get it nicked in Barcelona!

nzm said...

Pandabonium: the thought of taking it underwater terrifies me. For now I'll be sticking with my Canon S400 and the underwater housing for my diving photos! Thanks for the compliment - I'm still so busy taking photos and, as I said in my email, learning about and trialling HDR software, that I haven't yet got any images ready for this blog.

Aussie: Happy Anniversary. Still, you're on vacation in London, so that must compensate for the anniversary oversight! Trust me, it took a long while and many failures for me to find this woman, but she's definitely a keeper!

Keefie: if you could see us protecting this camera, you'd laugh yourself silly. Every person in Barcelona is a suspect! Was photographing La Segrada Familia at dusk tonight and started to feel really uncomfortable because of the attention that the camera was getting. I got J to whirl the tripod around her a couple of times, and that seemed to make a lot of people more wary!

Sandie said...

Someone has a new Toy! Enjoy!

Paresh said...

*jaw drops* WHOA!

Pandabonium said...

Snap! You've been tagged for Photo Tag!. Shudder (Shutter?) the thought!

Noelle said...

So when do we see the piccies? Huh? Huh? ;)

The Lady said...

I am ever ever ever so jealous!

When I grow up, I want one just like that. ;)