19 May 2007

Summing up Dubai?

Heh - seen today in Karstadt at Hermannstraße in Berlin!

Sums up Dubai nicely, don't you think?

BTW - the jeans were ugly and very unfashionable!


A Yahya said...

I think the word you are looking for is 'vulgar'.

kaya said...

I think the terminology used by yahya is sublime!

The jeans are another example why so much emphasis is put, when one is choosing names.

Jin said...

They're 'big & chic'? Does that mean I can be chic? (all insecurities flood to the surface LOL)
I wonder if they cost more than average just cos they mention Dubai?

Someone in Al Ain said...

You've been tagged by someone in al ain!!!

Qatar Cat said...

Hahaha style dubai - big and chic!

So funny!