10 May 2007

Relationship Issues

Seen today on the Kurfürstendamm which is one of the main shopping and entertainment streets in Berlin.

The message on the side of the car reads:
Here is your share of the car

and it's signed:
Your Ex



BuJ said...

see, this is the relationships/breakups crap that we can all do without!

what's the point of this car cut in half? ok it's cool etc.. but not if it's ur car.. is it a company advertising something or did an ex really cut the car?

looks like a shitty car to me, so maybe the point made is now very strong.

A world of Symphony said...


Message is loud & clear!

'hook up but think twice before breaking up'

Double ouch!!

Harsha said...

well.. how the hell is that car even standing there??

and secondly.. she/he still got the comapritively useful part of the car :op

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a telling story. Yeah, our neighbour two doors down, had to sell up and share half the value of the house when he split with his wife. The building was actually divided in half and moved to another property. When I saw the movers I wrote a short story about it all. I might put it on our blog if I can retrieve it again.

Jin said...

Now THAT is vicious! Some people are just not satified with cutting up suits or smashing golf bats!

A world of Symphony said...

'When I saw the movers I wrote a short story about it all. I might put it on our blog if I can retrieve it again.'

Hi Wendy: Could you drop me a note at lou.rodrigues at gmail dot com if you post this story on your blog.

Thank you kindly :)

Anonymous said...

This kind of things makes the one scared... When they were in love, each of them was definitely willing to sacrifice anything for the other partner, and when it reaches this end, they don’t come back to the starting point, but they go far behind!!
Anyway, good that he/she left for the ex the front part; it may be a sign of some residual love! He must be the man...only joking :)

BuJ said...

hey AWOS.. you're evil! you wanna read this ASAP eh? lol

btw in my line of work i've heard of houses being moved (for historical interest) when they are in the way of a new railway line (e.g. CTRL between London and Kent)

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

What's the difference between getting married and getting a dog?

After 2 years, the dog will still be happy to see you!

Pandabonium said...

Spoiled 1st worlders, putting property above even their own dignity.

I wonder if they had not been so attached to property if they might not have saved their relationship, or at least have parted with more wisdom and compassion.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lollll that's hillarious!

Kishor Cariappa said...

A split is a split is a split, afterall :)

Moi said...

hehe.......its been cut so neatly ....:)
I landed here too, NZM!!! :DD

Omar said...

I wonder, if there were chlidren involved - how did they sort that out? It must have been a messy break-up.

kaya said...

Well at least we know the cause of the break-up was not adultery.
(cause then he would be in hospitals, holding one of those donor organ coolers with bits of himself in ice)!!

fake balushi said...

ah I was staying there!

right opp. the penny markt.

nice location,the zoologischer garten, the bombed church, everything is just near by.

forgot all the spelling, so cant say the names and locations now, there is almost everything on this stretch of street, it more or less like the diyafa road!