13 March 2007

Sing Joy Spring

Spring is sprung,
The grass is riz,

I wonder where the flowers iz.

The boid is on the wing


Of course the wing is on the boid.

~ Anon

Spring has arrived in Berlin during our final week in the German capital with today touching 20degC which is May weather!

Birds are feeding in the garden - big pigeons and bluejays, smaller thrushes,
blackbirds and nightingales; tiny sparrows, tits, finches and robins.

The flowers are out too - our first daffodil burst into bloom.

We thought that it was terrific until we saw Mise's beautiful field of daffies just down the road from his home in Ireland!

The perfume coming from these hyacinths is heavenly

If you want to see beautiful plum and apricot blooms, called ume in Japanese, head over to Pandabonium's blog to see Mito City's gorgeous Kairakuen Park in flower, as well as some home-grown beauties.

Our squirrels haven't hibernated at all this winter. They've been regularly coming to our back door to collect walnuts, and launching ground attacks on the bluejay bomber squadron over the peanuts which we throw out.

We have had 3 regulars - Ginger, Van Hazel and Scratchy - 3 squirrels with 3 very different personalities and one common thought - hungry, must have nuts!


We're back to Dubai at the end of the week. Until then we have a multitude of tasks to do which includes packing up the belongings that we're keeping and transporting them to J's parents (5 hours away) for safe-keeping, getting haircuts (so much cheaper here than in Dubai!), working on the new company set-up and blogging if we can!


BuJ said...

I finally get to see Mr Squirrel and his Nuts :)

beautiful :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I see the squirrel is back lol They are so cute, you guys will surely miss 'em ey?

We had sun here today as well, mind you I'm off travelling again soon to sunnier pastures so either way I will be fully dozed!

The flowers in spring are so pretty, in Stockholm we have a flower called Vitsippa, when they are out, then you know spring is here.

GO! Smell the flowers said...

We like...

Plenty of flower smelling to do even in Doo-bye....keep up the great work.

A world of Symphony said...

I love Spring and the beautiful flowers to go with it. Dubai has it own share of spring, not as colorful as Europe but ok!

So, is Ginger moving with you'll to Dubai? :)

Mise said...

A field of daffodils is nice, but I wish I could photograph them like you guys.

Gorgeous photos. :D

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I had to come back and look at the spring flowers again. Spring makes me so happy and especially flowers.

Seabee said...

My favourite flowers, daffodils, and I love ther real European red squirrels, all but wiped out in the UK by the imported grays.

Jin said...

Spring flowers in Europe always seem to bring a new 'lightness' to one's mood...........I remember how I used to look forward to seeing the daffs, crocuses & especially bluebells, all those hundreds of years ago :-)
You always manage to make me go 'awwwwww' when I see such lovely photos!
Happy packing & here's looking forward to you coming back :-)

Destitute Rebel said...

Spring is here in Dubai too, flowers everywhere. loved the pictures, do you give free photography lessons :-)

GO! Smell the flowers said...

We recently headed over to Dibba that is unusually green following the recent rains. Well worth a look and there's a Tulip Hotel recently opened right on the beach! Lots of flowers smelling to be had there in and around the Wadis! No sign of any hoarding squirrels though. We've a debate started on our blog about hoarding...feel free to contribute!

Keefieboy said...

Amazing colours!

Seabee said...

jin, ah the bluebells - coming across a carpet of them amongst the trees used to make the hair stand up on the back of my neck! What a sight it is.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Off-topic nzm, I've done some research on that steel girder, and here's what I've come up with:

P.S.: You've got a nice blog :)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What super photos of the flowers of springtime. And the red squirrel - well, what a beauty. That poem at the top - I remember my Dad saying that one to us!
It is miserable and still a drought here though a little touch of rain last night. We still have to hand-bucket soapy water to the plants. Not allowed to turn on hoses at all.

Paresh said...

Nice pictures. Now if that picture of the squirrel had a little more halo effect, it would be more apt to call that picture "Holy Nuts!"

Pandabonium said...

Gorgeous flowers. Punk rocker squirrel fur. Wow.

samuraisam said...

Lovely pictures!

...however the first one looks like davids star (the symbol on the Israeli flag).. best hope etisalat doesn't see it!

Sharron de Mol said...

sweets, all the best to you two in dubai and further on! I'll miss you in berlin!!! after you left today I turned on the radio and the first song was actually "ain't no sunshine when she's gone!" - no kidding! thank god for internet and blogs... that way I'm better off than the poor squirrels: I'm sure they will miss you (and the nuts) badly too and they don't have squirrel-blogging yet! looking forward to reading about your new adventures! good night and good luck!

kaya said...

Beautiful colours. Lovely pics as usual.
Riiiight so u gals , gonna be in town. Riiight this time you stay with us. YOU PWOMISED!
At weast one noit. You jes gotta.
MY MOM LEAVES THIS thursday.....

balushi's friend said...

these r amazing creatures

BuJ said...

NZM,,, when will we get a proper post? You two are upto something.. I can smell it.. especially with all the nuts and squirrels etc.. in the air.

Sam,,, It's not only the star of david, it was used in Islam many moons ago.. perhaps you haven't seen my pictures of Iran from my trip in Dec/Jan on my blog. They got that 6 pointed star in the main Isfahan mosque, and I've seen old Yemeni Qorans with the stars as separating the verses.