11 March 2007

Our Local Expat Hero!

Gulf News is running a worthy campaign to recognise Everyday Heroes - people in the UAE who work behind the scenes contributing their time, experience and value to help others and be of positive influence in the community.

Among those recognised is Jayne Winstanley - our very own Jayne with a Why - blogger and raconteur of wit, humour and bloody good jokes, interspersed with tales of Grandma and life in the varied, numerous countries in which she has lived.

For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting her, Jayne is one blogger whose blog truly reflects her personality - straight-up, humorous, intelligent, and damn good value!

She has often written in her blog of her times spent as a volunteer at a centre caring for mentally and physically handicapped people in Abu Dhabi, and it's for this remarkable work that she is being honoured.

Anyone who has worked with the physically and mentally impaired will understand what fortitude this takes, and how you have to be so mentally strong to cope with the joy, frustration, sadness, happiness and the multitude of other emotions that caring for these people can invoke in their ablebodied caregivers.
Jayne has just the right balance of compassion and humour to do it.

CONGRATULATIONS Jayne, kudos to Mike for nominating you, and well done to Gulf News for recognising outstanding UAE citizens working in the background to make a difference.

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Jin said...

Yer buggers!!!

Thank you M & J for writing such lovely stuff about me :-) I am truly humbled xoxoxoxox

p.s. The photo is kak, but what the hell - Fair Fat & Fortysomminc!!

BuJ said...

Bravo to Jayne!

kaya said...

I will get coffee and cake and so many fings to do with JAYNE!!
I the wannabe celebrity.
I know a celebrity. I know where she lives, her phone number, and whats in her fridge.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Good on you nzm for bringing it to our attention :)

Mise said...

Congrats Jayne, it's great work! :D