4 January 2007

Say it with Swarovski

Swarovski do their public awareness marketing in style across Europe, setting up huge Christmas trees in major cities and decking them with serious product bling.

In Berlin, the tree was in the new Hauptbahnhof - the railway station servicing the inter-city rail network.

Can you see the tree?!

Standing about 70' high, the tree was smothered in Swarovski crystal decorations.

It was an awesome sight.

Serious bling hangs from every possible position


Pandabonium said...

Somehow a "shaped" tree like that doesn't do anything for me. I prefer Charlie Brown's - at least it is natural, you know?

Seabee said...

Yes I agree. The decorations are amazing, but the fake too-perfect tree is a disappointment.

Paresh said...

Now see... that's some serious bling. Wow. Happy Christmas to you and a joyous new year.

BuJ said...

your pics are always lovely.. happy new year!

coming back anytime sooon?

clayfuture said...

Imagine the time spent on decorating each and every little branch on that tree!

Jin said...

Now you've gone & done it!!! If this leaks out in Dubai, there'll be a bigger, better & blingier tree in MoE next Crimble!

nzm said...

Pandabonium and Seabee: I have to agree with you - if there's a choice, I'll take the imperfect tree. I'm a big fan of real Christmas trees, but after seeing all the trees lying on the pavements in Berlin to be picked up as rubbish, I'm changing my mind on cut trees. I think that when we finally know where we're going to live on a more permanent basis, our tree will be a potted one!

Paresh: sure was, and I loved your NY images! Thanks for the wishes!

Buj: thanks, and we're back in Dubai on Jan 12th.

Clayfuture: I can't imagine! They must have had a warehouse of people working on each section of the trees to decorate them all, and shipped them already decorated to each of the cities.

Jin: It won't be long before Swarovski sees the opportunity to be down in Dubai with a tree. After all, they've already done very well out of the UAE with the orders for chandeliers from Emirates Palace and the Sh Zayed mosque!