4 January 2007

New Year's Eve

Just before midnight on New Year's Eve, we bundled into the car to drive into the woods above the house to let off our fireworks.

On the edge of a cliff, overlooking Bad Karlshafen, we set up our rocket launching pad and another log for the ground fireworks.

Below us, the church bells rang out 2006 and rang in 2007, and a barrage of fireworks rose into the air, accompanied by bangs and whistles depending on the type of projectile.

On our hill:
it was cold
it was windy
it rained

But we had the best time! For 30mins, all the adults were kids again!

Our rockets head for the sky

Simultaneous aerial explosions

Our ground assault

Our Blair Witch photo!


Pandabonium said...


BuJ said...

love the pictures again :)
i tried to take fireworks pics with my pentax but it never comes out focused! nice work!
i need to invest in an SLR

Anonymous said...

Our photos were just pathetic, but I enjoyed watching the illicit flare display. Admit it, those aren't fireworks - they're earrings & tinsel after a trip through Photoshop! Ha! Gotcha this time!

nzm said...

PB: thsnks!

Buj: also, thanks! These weren't on an SLR, but I was impressed with what I got, given the shocking conditions that we were in. I can see that I really have to do that post on what my cameras are!

Mamaduck: dang it, don't tell everyone my secrets!