1 October 2006

Berlin Music Scene Posters

When we announced that we were leaving Dubai for a while and coming to Berlin, Louis from A World of Symphony blog asked me to look out for news of the music scene around here.

If you read any of his blog posts, you'll know that Louis is one very switched-on guy when it comes to music - especially with his passion for jazz and blues. He first commented here on our blog, and in short time introduced us to some wonderful new artists. I learn so much about music when I read his blog!

This post's for you AWoS! You can click on the images to enlarge them, but I apologise for some of the images being so crappy - they're mostly taken in the Berlin subway stations. I'll keep looking for new ones for you, especially of DK's latest album promotion. I saw one yesterday but forgot to take a photo - d'oh!


Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly guys for this post. Fantabulous pictures, as usual. Looking at one of the posters I see Al Di Meola's name and his 'Precious Little You' tune from the 'Orange and Blue' album comes to mind. Very personal, very smooth, very precious little tune on a Gibson-175 acoustic guitar - it's on the system now as I type these notes.

Nothing like art and culture in Europe be it East or West, isn't it? Some of the shows that we've attended all over Europe and the States, I'd say this place has a long way to go to catch up even on full speed.

Pandabonium said...

As a "bone" player, I love to see such evidence of the availability of musical entertainment. I still have fond memories of performing in Essen and Heidelberg (and other European venues) when I was in university.

Enjoy the arts.

kaya said...

HEY M, Good to see you.
Myself am going mad with ramadan,2 blogs, kids and hubby!
Just wanted to drop in and say HI!

Balushi said...

hey nzm Why are u lying??? first of all Such music are from Austrian ppl Not germans! if anyone needs to go for such shows they must go to Vienna Not germany.

plus they german accents is so cute... not like urs!

Mise said...

It's a good sign of someone settling into a city when they start checking out the music scene ...and the cathedral in Cologne...magnificent ..