3 July 2006

Walking around Westminster

Arrived at our London hotel and got straight into working for the day. I feel totally guilty, because I haven’t even rung up my cousin to say hello. Sorry, Chris.

We did manage to get an hour walking down around the Thames.

Here’s what we saw - you can click on them to enlarge them.

Looking toward St. Paul's cathedral

The London Eye

Parliament Buildings

Big Ben

One of the pedestrian and train bridges over the Thames

Now, it’s going on for 5am, and M has finished her urgents but is still up supporting J who has a workload the size of Everest.

We have to be up at 7am for a 9am meeting - AAAAARGH! No sleep tonight, then.



Jin said...

London is brilliant from a tourists point of view - it's got so much to offer & I've always loved going there for a few days when possible. Despite that, the nicest thing of all is being able to fly out again!

Now, get some sleep & good morning from Abu Dhabi!
Pics are wicked btw.

Mise said...

I don't know how you guys manage to pack so much into your day ...I presume you don't sleep a lot :-D .... and the photos are just wonderful as usual...

nzm said...

Thanks you two.

Now we're in the BA departure lounge waiting for our flight to Berlin.

Weary, but after a great meeting, we actually do have some energy left!

kaya said...

Fab pics as usual. GOD!! U two are always on the move.
Are you sure you're not contract killers with a soft photographic side. HEE HEE!

Shannon said...

You must rack up the frequent flyer mileage. Great pics!

nzm said...

kaya - lol! I think that being a contract killer would somehow be easier than what we do!

shannon - welcome back to nz after your vacation back home - I don't envy you the weather in Chch! That was a great thing that you did when volunteering for the doggie search and rescue exercise.