28 July 2006

New Neoworx features

NeoWORX alerted me to some new updates that they've recently made to their NeoCounters - some of which I have in this blog's sidebar.

Among the new products is NeoEarth which you can see under the heading "Who's Online?". NeoWORX offers about 12 different maps in 3 sizes to choose from. Clicking on the map brings up a separate window which I've selected to show the last 100 visitors to the blog by city and country. I can also navigate to anywhere on the map and see the latitude and longitude co-ordinates. Something to keep me amused during the long, cold winter nights!

Although the NeoWORX tools can sometimes be slow to load I do like them, although I still prefer the style of GeoLoc map which is now further down. Sadly it's been relegated to the free version again, because despite my attempts to renew my subscription with GeoLoc, they have closed renewals and any emails to them bounce, so it appears that they don't want my money!

Edit: now removed the GeoLoc map after a comment from Pandabonium from Pacific Islander blog. You can visit the GeoLoc website to see what their graphic looks like.


Pandabonium said...

For some reason when I visit your blog, the script of the GeoLoc map jams up my system and I have to force the browser to quit. It happens on Safari and Firefox. This time I stopped loading the page before the map started up.

Not your problem, of course, but I wondere if anyone else has had this happen?

nzm said...

Thanks for the feedback - no one else has mentioned it.

But now that I can't renew the subscription for it, I'll just remove it altogether.

Maybe it didn't like being moved further down the sidebar! :-)

Pandabonium said...

Wow. Thanks. I can enjoy your blog now. That NeoEarth feature is very cool.

Dubai Sunshine said...

I also installed NeoEarth, but for some reason, can't see my cursor on the actual map when I open it up....Do you have that same problem?

nzm said...

DS - Yes sometimes, then an error message comes up to say that a Flash program is running and causing my computer to run slow. If this happens I just close down the NeoEarth window and reload it.

Make sure that you also have the latest version (v8.0.22.0) of Adobe Flash player loaded. (It used to be called Macromedia Flash before Adobe bought out Macromedia).

Failing that, it might also be a video card issue, but this is where my computer knowledge stops! lol.

Shanon said...

I've seen this on several blogs and think it's really cool. I may have to add it to mine. Thanks!

BuJ said...

these neo counters are so cool!
but it doesn't seem to show me where i am logging in from (assuming i am online at the time of clicking on the counter!)

this blog is like a gadget shop! always entertaining and never boring!

nzm said...

Buj - don't you know where you are? lol

Seriously, I have noticed that it's not entirely accurate. I also have a regular visitor from Japan, but so far there is no marking on the map for Japan, yet my StatCounter logs Japan visits.