28 July 2006

Blogger for Word

I'm annoyed.

I really liked the Blogger for Word plug-in that I downloaded from the Blogger website and which installed a toolbar in MS Word. It allowed me to write posts in Word and then send them to our blog without having to go through the copy and paste exercise.

About a week ago, the toolbar disappeared! Removing the plug-in from my hard-drive and re-installing hasn't brought it back. I've trawled through the Blogger Help sites, and followed all the instructions, and no, I don't have Word as an editor/spellcheck for Outlook.

Anyone got suggestions on what could be the cause?


samuraisam said...

I've had the same problem before; I believe it stems from having word open if your computer crashes.

I've never uninstalled it, but reinstalling (just downloading it and installing) i've found makes it reappear. It's really weird /:
from memory, the plugin menu thing shows it as being active but its not on the menu bar.

nzm said...

Hey Sam - I think that was the problem as I did have a crash. For some reason, my Word doesm't like opening some docs that are attached to emails without me first saving them to my hard-drive. Of course, sometimes I forget to first save them, open them from the email and hell freezes over!

I've tried to reinstall over the top now, and still no joy.

Thanks for the help - I'll keep trying!

nzm said...

Ok - fixed - YAAAY!

It looks as if when my computer crashed, the Blogger plug-in was disabled by Office Safe Mode.

As Sam says above, it still shows as active, it just doesn't appear in the toolbar.

Here's what to do:

In Word:
1. In the Help Menu, click on About Microsoft Office Word
2. In the lower right of the menu that pops up, you'll see a button that is named Disabled Items. Click it!
3. If the Blogger Plugin is properly installed but disabled, you'll see it listed.
4. Select it and click on the Enable button.
5. Close Word and then restart it again, and the Blogger toolbar should now re-appear.

At least, that's what fixed it for me!