25 May 2006

Robert De Niro painted...

... Robert De Niro Snr. (1922-1993) that is, and some of his paintings hang in a trendy NYC restaurant - co-owned by his son, Robert De Niro Jnr.

The Tribeca Grill is down on the lower west side of Manhattan in what was the meat packing district of NYC. Now, it's a trendy part of town where people go to be noticed.

J and I went there to have dinner with an industry colleague, and we were not disappointed.

From our delightful Peruvian waiter, to the gorgeous Californian red wine; the beautiful surroundings and the magnificent food, the whole evening was sublime.

On the walls hang artworks painted by De Niro Snr, such as this huge piece which was above us.
Venturing down the stairwell to the restrooms is a march through the history of the restaurant with awards and writeups adorning every available wallspace, as well as posters of De Niro Jnr movies.
If you go there, it pays to reserve a table!


MamaDuck said...

Thank you for the guided tour. I like to walk and look too, and New York looks such fun! Have you ever been to the National Gallery of Ireland? It has also been added to over the decades, and they built a Millennium Wing onto it which is a gorgeous sculpture as well as an airy and practical space. The exhibits are good too! We studied W.B. Yeats at school, but I didn't know that his father, brother and sisters painted - and each with such a distinctive eye. Until then, the only Irish art I'd been exposed to was of the ancient Celtic tradition. Wonderful art galleries after Dubai as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you have time for in San Francisco. You've certainly picked an interesting year to visit! Have you been before? We had a book at home, Fifth (Sixth?) Chinese Daughter, by Jade Snow Wong, which I read over and over, all about her childhood in San Francisco's China Town. There was always time to read when I was a child! Although we both came from big families, our culture and family life were so different, and she and her mother fascinated me. I was the same about Laura Ingalls-Wilder's books. Do they still have the trolley buses in San Francisco? I cannot imagine living anywhere so hilly, quite apart from the constant danger of being run over by Hollywood film crews on car chases!

Bed beckons.(Silly phrase - What would I do if a large arm extended a finger around the corner of the living room? Casper I could cope with.)

kaya said...

I love Robert de Niro. Oh get me autographed napkin!!!
BTW when are you coming home? Its past ur bedtime young lady!

nzm said...

Mama Duck - we're in SF 4-6 times a year for work which is the purpose of this visit too.

I've blogged about past visits here and here.

My first trip to SF was in 1999 to visit my little bro when he lived here from 1999-2005. He's back in NZ now. We love SF, but it's just too darn cold in the city. Today is glorious but the prevailing wind really chills things down.

Yes - there are still trolley buses and cable cars, and more homeless people than most other cities in the US except from what we'vre seen in Washington DC and Austin TX.

Haven't been to Ireland yet!

Kaya - unfortunately, Robert was not to be seen on the night that we were there!

I won't be back in the UAE until mid-June. And J won't be back until mid-July as she continues with press tours and product launches. We split up tomorrow - she goes back via the US East coast, UK and Europe, and I go back via NZ!