23 February 2006

Wow - did it rain

It rained camels and goats today - it was too heavy for cats and dogs!

Here's what the Marina looked like at 8am.

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sky said...

Love the second pic!
The trail of ripples left by the car turned out real nice!

Surprisingly, we weren't nearly as flooded out here in AD. Less rain, and maybe, possibly, better infrastructure?

Watch me jinx it and we'll get torrential rains coming through our badly sealed windows tomorrow..:)

nzm said...

We heard some people in our apartment building on the phone trying to get help for their flooded apartments higher up.

Makes me wonder how all the houses and villas fared.

Even the airport terminal leaked - our departure lounge has water dripping everywhere!

grapeshisha said...

It is still p-ing down with unprecedented thunder and lightening, giving london a run for its money. Expect a week off next week to deal with the flooding.This is almost national disaster proportions...

nzm said...

Far out!

It actually looked as if it was clearing as we left.

It's actually quite tragic to see that there's so little drainage in the place, and of what's there, a lot of the drainholes are in the wrong places. We saw so many workers sweeping water uphill towards the drains today.

sheikha cheryl said...

I loved the picture of the sand in the Marina. That is a really nice picture.

BuJ said...

nice pics, especially the 2nd pic!!!! nice vehicular ripples :)

makes me wonder, when you took the lift to go up to your dwelling, did u carry much water with u...

i just have images of going from Ground to 1st, opening the door to release the water, then going to the 8th floor or whatever... hehe

nice pics :)

nzm said...

Buj - that image is funny!

We were leaving for Jordan on the same day, so J went into the basement to check that our car was still there. Luckily, we were saved - there was only about 2 inches of water in the basement!

Some other apartment dwellers above us on the higher floors have exposed balconies. They suffered major flooding in their apartments because the drainholes in the balcony floors were in the wrong places: i.e. water cannot flow uphill!