16 November 2005

Put a Tiger in your Range Rover

Today's Gulf News website has a report with photo on a former Dubai resident who was "outraged when she spotted a tiger looking out of a 4x4 while on holiday in the city."

Who was on holiday - the former resident or the tiger?! Ah - the vagaries of the English language!

The article goes on to say that Finn, Adele Kofler, then wrote to the World Society for the Protection of Animals to see what could be done about it.

The demise of endangered species, such as tigers, has a common enemy: man - through his greed and stupidity. A dead adult tiger can be worth as much as US$50k with the head, skin, claws, meat, blood and p*nis all being valued for trophy or medicinal purposes.

We watched a program on National Geographic on the tigers in a reserve in Ranthamb
hore, Rajasthan in India. It tracked some of the resident tigers, as well as described how the reserve rangers watch over them, but obviously they didn't watch them that well.

Sadly, the 18 or so tigers which were in that reserve have now "disappeared" – as have tigers in other reserves, such as Sariska National Park also in Rajasthan. An article on the Debating India website has tiger population figures that show the alarming rate of decline in numbers over the past century.

The tiger’s plight is certainly not helped by sheer idiocy in Baghdad in 2003, and if I had been there, it wouldn't have been the tiger who was shot.

All seriousness aside for a minute, wouldn’t it be very cool to drive down SZR with a
tiger hanging out of your car? I wonder what the impact would be on the Sunny and Echo drivers!