15 November 2005

New Zoo for Dubai - in 2008

The Gulf News also reports here on a new zoo for Dubai.

That's a positive move, and if there is one project that they should fast-track, it has to be this one.

Covering over 200 hectares, the first 50 hectares of the new zoo will be ready in 2008. That makes me wonder when the other 150+ are going to be completed, and when will the animals finally get some quality enclosures?

In the meantime, it would be great if the Dubai Municipality would temporarily move some of the poor creatures over to the Al Ain Zoo while their new residence is being built.

That would be a win-win for everyone - the Dubai Zoo would be less cramped for the remaining animals, the Al Ain Zoo would benefit from having creatures populating their empty enclosures, and the animals and their keepers would surely be happier in more spacious surroundings than what they are presently having to endure.

It would make a great day outing to Al Ain - where entry into their zoo is 2 Dirhams per adult - kids are free.

Animals and cramped concrete cages don't belong together.


Keefieboy said...

The New Dubai Zoo saga has been going on for at least a decade - I really hope they actually do it this time.

nzm said...

Hi Keefie

Yes - I did a search on it and saw reports on the new zoo going back over a long period of time.

They have to do something soon for those poor animals in their overcrowded areas.

Maybe when the Dubai Municipality realises that the Jumeirah property could be worth more as developed residential land, they'll move the animals and build a tower!