18 December 2010


Back in June towards the end of Iceland's volcanic eruption disruptions, I looked out of our window to see the most amazing cloud display.  Grabbing my camera, I raced onto our balcony to record it.

Although there was no threat of rain and blue sky, a mass of mammatus clouds was buzzing across the sky.  The clouds were moving quite quickly, so I had to work fast to record them.

I have read that they can form under layers of volcanic ash clouds, so I'm assuming that Eyjafjallajökull's eruption may have contributed to this formation.

It was only the second time that I had seen mammatus - the first being a brief display of them over Melbourne, Australia back in 2007.

They are my favourite clouds!

Usually mammatus clouds are associated with bad, often violent, storms or tornadoes, but we didn't experience any of that, thank goodness.

Shortly after they disappeared, we were treated to a very pink and orange sunset.

A beautiful ending to another perfect day in Barcelona!


Mike Meyer said...

Fantastic shots of the mammatus. They are my favorites too since they are so rare. Very nice.
Mike Meyer

nzm said...

Thanks Mike!