26 October 2010

Twister Duo

A brand new acrobatic team showed their wings at this year's Festa al Cel.  The UK's Twister Duo uses 2 Silence SA180/SA1100 Twister planes for its aerobatic display. The Silence Twister aircraft is a German design which has been tweaked and modified in order for it to attain UK Group A and aerobatic certification.

The planes are very quiet - hence the "Silence" part in their name - almost too quiet, as they don't announce their arrival like some of the noisier aircraft.  However this doesn't detract from the competent and stunning display of synchronised aerobatics that are part of their routine.

As well as the Twister Duo, one of the planes teams up with an S1 Glider and a Cessna tow-plane for a demonstration with a difference.

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