23 October 2010

Planes from Fundació Parc Aeronàutic de Catalunya

With the Fundació Parc Aeronàutic de Catalunya based in Sabadell, just out of Barcelona, (and where some of the visiting planes to Festa al Cel were based for the week), it wasn't surprising that they would parade some of their working exhibits.

Unfortunately, some flew too far off the beach to get decent photos, so I missed getting the older biplanes and the T6 Harvard.

The Fundació's website is merely a placeholder as of now but, hopefully with time, they'll start populating it with information as they do have some wonderful aircraft with local origins.

I'll be covering the Antonov 2R and Saetas in separate posts.

The MBB 233 Flamingo is a rare bird these days.  It was built by SIAT (West Germany) in the 1960s in response to demands for an aeroclub training aircraft.  In 1970, SIAT was acquired by MMB which was the successor to Messerschmidt. (Willy Messerschmidt was a big influence on the development of planes in this area.) Production was later handed to CASA.  In 1986, the Flamingo was the test plane in the development of Porsche's aircraft engine.  At present, there are only 2 known MBB Flamingos still flying in the world.

MBB 233 Flamingo

Built in the 60s in Czechoslovakia, the 2-seater Zlin Z-326 Tréner Master was manufactured in large numbers and sold all over Europe.  It was one of the most highly successful acrobatic planes ever made, and won many competitions in its era.

Zlin Z-326 Tréner Master

Following on the heels of the Z-326, the Zlin Z-526 Akrobat was developed specifically for acrobatic events.  The single-seat plane boasted a 6 cylinder, 160hp inverted engine.

Zlin Z-326 Tréner Master

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