13 October 2010

Commercial Flybys

Part of the Festa al Cel programme was 3 organised fly-bys of commercial aircraft.

First up was the biggie.  On Saturday afternoon, the Lufthansa Airbus A380 took off from El Prat and made its way north at low altitude along the beaches.  It was a great sight to see and, for many on the beaches, it would have been their first look at the A380.

 Lufthansa A380 - gear down and flying as slow as it could without stalling!

We were fortunate to see the first ever completed A380 in 2005, as Emirates showed it off as part of the 2005 Dubai Airshow, as you can read here.  We also flew in an Emirates A380 (currently they have 13 in operation with another 77 on order!) from New Zealand to Dubai back in February.

Next, it was Vueling's turn.  With its operations based in Barcelona, Vueling flies budget flights around Europe and the western Mediterranean.  It's the 3rd largest airline in Spain behind Ryanair and Iberia.

 Vueling A320

On Sunday, Spanair brought a new A320 by on a few runs past us.  Spanair is a Catalan airline also based in Barcelona and, being the local airline, the pilot was keen to please as he flew quite fast and low, and did some impressive turns.

 Spanair A320 with new livery

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