15 July 2010

More Sitges Images

As mentioned in my previous post, Sitges is a seaside town, and a short train ride from Barcelona's Estació de Sants (a.k.a. Barcelona Sants).

It's very pretty with a great beach, and lots of restaurants and bars in the narrow lanes and along the waterfront.

If you do catch the train, make sure that you know when the last one back to Barcelona departs from Sitges, which is usually about 10:26pm.

There is a night bus which leaves Sitges to Barcelona from in front of the Oasis building by the railway bridge - look for the Mon.bus sign.  It's the N31 bus, and leaves at 01:36, 02:36, 03:36 and 05:16 - more details on this Mon.bus itinerary.

Plants are popular on the many balconies

One of the narrow lanes leading to the beach

A beachside bar

Beachfront apartments

Apartment building vestibule

Hanging vines and lace curtains

Parrots Bar - awesome cocktails and a great place to watch the Eurovision Song Contest!

The sea rolls in

Fincas available

The side of the church


Jayne said...

Absolutely stunning photos darlin' - I think my favourite has to be the one of the sea rolling in ;-)
When I looked at the pic of the Parrot Bar, it just kinda struck me that the building looked almost clinical in comparison to the one of the 'lace curtains & hanging vines'.
(Whenever we've looked at properties (for sale) online & see the renovated townhouses in the tiny little streets, my first reaction has always been "will we get the bike up there?" followed by "how the hell do they deliver furniture??!"

Pandabonium said...

Colorful place. Love the hanging vines and potted plants on the balconies.

nzm said...

Jayne: thank you! The Parrot Bar is in a more modern building in a newer, not as attractive, part of Sitges - behind the lovely old building which line the seashore!

A lot of furniture removal companies in these parts have wonderful gizmos which allow them to lift the stuff by elevator through the front windows from street level. You can see an example that I posted on Global Themes blog.

PB: it is colourful. Lots of European balconies are planted like this. Personally, I don't have the inclination to tend to a lot of plants like this. Now, if they were in a proper garden, I would!

Macthomson said...

Congratulations on your Sitges portfolio. The Parrot Bar in particular calls to me! But then, perhaps unlike Jayne, I tend to be a 'mid-century modernist'!

nzm said...

Thank you Malcolm.

We have frequented the Parrot Bar on more than one occasion. It's a fun place for us to hang out and watch the world go by - or to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, surrounded by representative nationalities of all the singers!

Unfortunately, while they do fabulous cocktails, they don't do food, so we have to leave the bar and go next door to a wonderful little cafe to get our food fix.