19 June 2010

We're ba-ack!

I've decided to resurrect this blog while my other (more commercial) website is still to be set up. I did agonise over whether to continue posting, and what to publish, as we're not ones to tell every little nitty-gritty thing about ourselves.

I will most likely have a blog on my commercial site too but, during the planning cycle, I established that it would be for only posting professional news, so will keep this one going for more personal news and items.

We have been doing some travelling, and there is a backlog of posts to do on Italy, parts of Spain including lots of posts on Barcelona, New Zealand, Germany and - digging back into the archives - stories on places like Jordan and the Maldives.

To celebrate the return, I revamped the template.  We hope you like it, because we do!

Old Template


Jayne said...

Yayyyyyy, you're back! I've missed your blog, even if I do have a bit of an idea of where you've been etc :-)
I really like the new look too. I've been thinking about revamping mine, but can't seem to find a suitable 'African' themed one & I've given up looking after trawling through more than 2000 of the buggers!

Welcome back hon xoxoxox

p.s. BTW, Spadge has just completed a rugby coaching clinic in Palmeston :-) Shans & Chikkin have now joined him & they'll be touring NZ, then Oz & then Thailand before returning home.

nzm said...

Jayne - you should check out the new templates in "Blogger in Draft". It's where I found this one, and then modified the colours etc to make it a bit more personal.

I'm sorry that Spadge had to go to Palmerston North, but that's where NZ rugby has its training facilities. It's not the most exciting place, and in winter too! Still, I hope that they have a good time, even though it will be cold in NZ. Better in summer!

Chikkin's becoming quite the little jetsetter!

Seabee said...

Good to have you back :-)

Yes, thumbs up for the new look.

Pandabonium said...

Happy to see you posting again. The new template looks great.

nzm said...

Seabee: thank you! I'm pleased with the template too. I particularly like the Tabs across the top.

Pandabonium: Thanks to you too. The template is one from Blogger In Draft. Google have certainly made it easier to customise templates, and have added a whole lot of new choices too.