21 July 2009

Clouds over Barcelona

I don't fail to fall more in love with Barcelona with each day that we are here. The weather is great, the people friendly, and we have a wonderful apartment within 5 minutes walk to the beach. J and I feel at home here.

I'm fascinated by the amazing cloud formations and the variety of clouds that we see over the city - on the days when the sky isn't a clear blue dome. I can now see where painters get their inspiration from - especially Michelangelo's clouds that he painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City. Of all the cities and countries that we have visited or lived in, Barcelona would have the best cloud exhibition!

I've put together a slideshow of some of the images that I've taken of clouds over Barcelona.



Mama Duck said...

These are wonderful! I must check that Keef's seen them. We went out for a walk around sunset yesterday, after an extraordinary downpour. Blue and white had been breaking through for an hour before we went out, and we had the best of the sky, with the sun merely a sliver of peach in a dip between mountains, but the throwing most spectacular glittering light onto the clouds. We couldn't stop staring.

Great, European weather, innit?!

nzm said...

Thanks Mama Duck! The light here in Spain is some of the best that I've encountered, and the weather is fabulous!