25 May 2009

Barcelona - on a Sneaker

Adidas held an open competition to design a sneaker as part of their 2008 AZX series.

The winner is this, called the AZX ZX700Y:

The press release doesn't mention the winning designer's name nor where he/she is from, and says that the sneaker "features silhouettes of landmark architecture from across the globe".

I'm guessing that the designer is from Barcelona, given the high proportion of the city's landmarks on that shoe.

I can spot:
Gaudi's Sagrada Familia
Columbus Column

Torre Agbar
Olympic Park Communications Tower

Hotel Arts and Mapfre Towers

MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia)

Two towers at the entrance to the site of 1929 Barcelona World Fair

The limited edition shoes can be bought online at Hanon for €79.95.

Damn - I just bought a €20.00 pair of Adidas at Alcampo. I reckon that if I change the blue laces for an orange pair, and buy some black paint to draw the silhouette and paint the soles, I too can have a shoe that looks like this.