5 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

We've just returned from 2 weeks with J's parents in Bad Karlshafen over J's mother's 70th, Christmas and New Year. We ate far too much good food and only exercised moderately, so we feel fat and I, for one, look it!

Berlin waited until our return to have its first decent snowfall last night, followed by a brilliantly clear day today, so I dressed in about 3 layers of clothing to venture out into the Schloss Chalottenburg park to take some images.

I followed my normal running route, but took it more slowly in order to take photographs. There were people everywhere. Like me some were armed with cameras, others were running or exercising dogs, but most were walking in the cold -5°C sunshine and enjoying it after so many days of gloom.

I have more posts coming up about what we little we did over Christmas, but for now I wanted to share today's shoot with you.


Click images to enlarge

Schloss_Charlottenburg001I love snow on trees

Schloss_Charlottenburg002There were more people than I expected

Schloss_Charlottenburg003The waterways in the park were frozen over

Schloss_Charlottenburg004I love this bridge, although it's slippery to run over when it's wet!

Schloss_Charlottenburg005Another frozen stream

Schloss_Charlottenburg006Heavy with snow

Schloss_Charlottenburg007Long shadows

Schloss_Charlottenburg008Tiny icicles suspended from a branch

Schloss_Charlottenburg009Curiously, this stream was not frozen over

Schloss_Charlottenburg010The swan family which is usually in the schloss lake, took to the River Spree which was not so icy in comparison to their normal hangout


Seabee said...

Looks fantastic in the photos, but much too cold for me in real life!

Jayne said...

Happy New Year to you both :-)
The pics are amazing - they really bring out the beauty of snow covered landscapes & you've captured places in such a way that I could quite easily see myself walking through the park! *sigh*

Sandie said...

FantasticPictures! I bet you are a professional photographer...I miss nature so much!