16 October 2008

Chapter 21: Goodbye Hesteyri and Another Night in Bolungarvik

Continued from Chapter 20

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All too soon, our 8 days in Hesteyri were over and it was time to head back to Bolungarvik before flying back to Reykjavik a day later.

This time, a ferry was coming directly from Bolungarvik and taking us back there which saved having to drive the 15km from Ísafjörður to where we were staying.

Ferry_to_BolungarvikThe ferry arrives to pick us up

It was time to say goodbye to our new friends, C and F, before boarding the ferry. Time for a last group photo!

Group_PhotoGreat memories, good people and fun times

As the boat left the Hesteyrarfjörður at 6pm, from the stern I took one more image of Hesteyri.

Adieu_HesteyriAdieu Hesteyri - thanks for the wonderful 8 days

Soon, we had made our way back over the Isafjarðardjúp fjörd and had tied up at the Bolungarvik refilling wharf to unload all our gear. By the way, the ferry ride costs €100 each way for 2 adults and 2 kids!

Crossing_to_BolungarvikBlatting back across the Isafjarðardjúp

As the transportation was being sorted out, I wandered over to the big fishing boat tied up on the other side of the wharf and shot off a few images of the Þorlákur. It was the biggest fishing vessel that I had seen in these waters.

Thorlakur03Once we were ensconced in Sosa's Apartments (which are run by Birna's 2 daughters), we cooked dinner. As I washed up, out of the kitchen window I noticed that the light of the setting sun was a brilliant orange. I couldn't resist heading out to photograph it! Bundling up against the cold, I wandered back down to the wharf area.

Bolungarvik_Fishing_Vessels01Orange reflections

It was now 10:30pm. The mountains were catching the last of the sun's rays and this was being reflected in the relatively still water in the harbour. The fishing boats were tied up and motionless - their orange buoys and rescue floatation devices glowed in agreement with the sunlight.

Bolungarvik_Fishing_Vessels02The Day-glo orange equipment really stood out

I stood and photographed for about 15 minutes before the sun sank behind the mountains and it fell gloomy.

Bolungarvik_Fishing_Vessels03The smallest pirate ship with the biggest flag!

Bolungarvik_Fishing_Vessels04Walking back to the apartment, it was time for bed. We had a full day and another night to spend in Bolungarvik ahead of our flight, and we were really wondering how we were going to keep ourselves occupied!

Next Chapter: Ísafjörður and walking back to Bolungarvik